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A crazy, Mazey Day: Here are 25 memes more engaging than this Black Mirror episode

The writers need to take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror

The sixth season of Black Mirror dropped last Wednesday, a whole three years after the previous season came out. Fans quickly ran to binge just the five episodes that were released, but the supernatural spin on a couple of the episodes left viewers wondering if they even understood the show’s concept anymore. Whilst the other four have seemed to stay clear from the scrutiny, the Twilight spin on the show’s fourth episode Mazey Day has not been well received.

As expected, worldwide viewers have taken to Twitter and Tiktok to make memes more engaging than this episode itself.

Of course it wouldn’t be a meme roundup without Abby Lee Miller, Twilight and Riverdale references. Here are the best 25 memes to give all of your eyes a break from the flashing lights in the episode.

1. Imagine if you could rate shows like they do with people in Nosedive – it would soon be blocked and blacklisted

2. Hey Siri, play She Wolf by Shakira

3. *Texts boyfriend* ‘Would you still love me if I was a wolf?’

4. This wasn’t Black Mirror, it was just mirror

5. Right, what is it with decent Netflix shows just losing the plot (literally) in their later seasons?!

6. Some viewers were left wanting just a little bit more

7. Whilst others realised they were being hypocritical by hating its supernatural nature

— oso (@Traumatsutised) June 16, 2023

— cindy 🍉 (@hotdemoncorpse) June 16, 2023

9. Tag a friend who would be snapping you like this for their story even when you’re on your death bed

10. The writers have given up, realised ChatGPT has stolen their jobs and let the AI write about itself

11. Waldo just needed to wait a moment it seems

12. Alexa, play Flashing Lights by Kanye West

13. Anything for the gram

14. Enough with the animal references please, I’ve had enough

15. And it wasn’t long before the Twilight fans saw a clear connection

16. I mean, any press is good press right? Even if you are a werewolf

17. ‘Let me in!’

18. It’s taken me many Mazey Days to process it

19. But some people aren’t buying the hate

20. Maybe because it’s appealing to a deep rooted, childhood love of Twilight

21. Nearly turned it off and just watched this instead

22. Abby Lee Miller just had to get in on the conversation

23. What a day, a Mazey Day

24. Can you block an episode?

25.  I just did not want to believe it

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