Cardiff Uni staff to have pay withheld if they continue to strike

Cardiff UCU has responded by saying it will ‘create a carnival atmosphere on the picket lines’ at graduation ceremonies

Cardiff University staff participating in the marking and assessment boycott (MAB) will have their pay withheld if they continue to strike.

According to a letter published to staff by Cardiff Uni’s VC, Professor Colin Riordan, if staff members do not confirm their involvement in the boycott by Monday, they will have their pay withheld after 26th June.

Professor Riordan further added that all assessments must be marked and submitted to the relevant school offices by 3rd July, and any resit papers and assessment briefs must also be submitted by 14th July.

He said: “If colleagues do not submit marks or papers as detailed above, we will assume that any missing marks or papers are due to their ongoing participation in the MAB. This will result in pay being withheld in line with the University’s existing policy on withholding pay for breach of contract (partial performance of duties).

“Colleagues that have already confirmed and are continuing with their participation will see deductions for April and May in their June pay, and the June action will be reflected in their July pay.”

The letter has been published following a meeting between Cardiff University and the UCU in which both parties attempted to seek “a local resolution to limit the impact of MAB on our students”. However, Professor Riordan explained that no resolution was met, although the discussions were constructive.

Cardiff UCU has responded to the open letter on Twitter, retweeting about the recent update.

The account retweeted Adam Errington, who said: “This is hot garbage. Trying to blame staff for disruption caused by years of his shocking management

“There’s no end to the benevolent leader’s generosity”.

Another Twitter user, Juan Usubillaga, who was also retweeted by Cardiff UCU, said: “Colin Riordan has no shame. The new VC will have a mammoth challenge to restore trust in the institution (or what’s left of it after Colin burns it down on his way out).”

USW UCU also commented on the recent update, adding: “Colin Riordan sounding a bit desperate. Yes, VC’s we understand its a national dispute and you can’t solve it on your own, but it is your choice not to stand with your staff and call on @ucea1 to resume negotiations. It is your choice to punish staff by withholding their pay.”

The update from Cardiff University comes as striking staff have announced that they will picket at all graduations, with one lecturer telling The Cardiff Tab that students can expect a “summer of chaos”  if the disputes are not resolved.

In a press release from Cardiff UCU, it explained: “The Cardiff branch of UCU plan to create a carnival atmosphere on the picket lines.”

It also added that union members are calling on Cardiff University’s leadership to firstly, “reconsider the punitive and disproportionate pay deductions imposed on UCU members at Cardiff University, recognising the adverse impact on their morale and financial well-being, and the unequal way in which the policy has been implemented.”

It further requested that the university “call on UCEA to return to the negotiating table and engage in further constructive dialogue with the local UCU branch to seek a fair resolution.”

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