Glasgow Uni student wins £27k through radio competition

Guess she won’t be needing SAAS anymore

A first year Glasgow University student has won £27,000 after entering a drivetime radio competition.

18 year-old fresher, Tia Caldwell, won the big cash prize through a Clyde 1 radio competition yesterday afternoon.

The competition, known as Cash Register, is hosted on the radio every day live on air. The hosts of the show tells listeners what the sum of money up for grabs is for that day.

Players must be tuned in to the radio station throughout the day because, if your entry is chosen, Clyde 1 will call you asking for the amount. If the player then states the correct amount, they win, but if you are phoned by Clyde 1, you must answer before the fifth ring otherwise you forfeit the prize.

Tia, who studies English at Glasgow University says that she found the competition through her mum, who does it every day.

Speaking to The Tab Glasgow, Tia said: “She always says they’ll never phone her but she does it just in case”. Tia and her mum were driving and so entered the competition on Tia’s phone instead of her mum’s. This was Tia’s first time entering.

Tia spoke about her time on the call. “I was watching ‘She’s the Man’ when I got the call”. Tia went on to say that she didn’t think it was real as it was her first time entering, but then they started speaking. The Clyde 1 radio host on the phone told Tia it was her lucky day and began to ask her questions.

“I think I was just in shock while they were talking to me and I just kept getting the giggles and laughing”, Tia said, “then I was paranoid I had gotten the cash amount wrong!”

When asked what she plans to do with the money, Tia said she recently passed her driving test and plans to buy a car. She also says she plans to spoil her mum since she’s the one who enters every day.

“I’ll treat her to some nice gifts and I might also pay for her driving lessons as she has always wanted to learn”. If I had a daughter, I’d want her to be like Tia!  Tia says that after that, with money left over, she plans to go on a shopping spree and then put the rest into a savings account for when she is older and out of university.


Listen to the moment that Glasgow uni student, Tia, won £27k on a Radio Clyde competition

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