Sheffield University is giving £500 to students who are graduating without all their marks

70 final year students will receive the one-off payment as ‘a gesture of goodwill’

A number of students at University of Sheffield will receive a payment of £500 as consolation for not getting their marks in time for graduation due to the ongoing UCU marking boycott.

In an email sent out to affected students, the vice-president for education, Mary Vincent, said “the university is making an ex gratia payment of £500 to you as a gesture of our goodwill”.

In total, around 70 students at the University of Sheffield are being awarded a “pass” instead of a classified degree as not all their final assessments will be marked in time for their graduation ceremonies.

The university contacted students by email throughout Monday and Tuesday. The emails arrived in response to a number of students contacting the university about the effect missing marks will have on them.

In the initial email which was sent to all students, the vice-president said: “Regrettably, for approximately 70 students, it has not been possible to complete sufficient marking for them to be able to graduate with classified degrees at this time.

“The majority of these students are based in one department and if you are personally affected I will contact you directly before 7th July.”

Students who will be receiving the payment were assured “the payment is made without prejudice, in line with our student protection plan, and does not preclude you from pursuing a complaint should you wish to do so”.

While many other students are also impacted by the marking strikes, the university informed them by email they have enough marks to be awarded a temporary degree classification.

The university assured all students that when missing marks are received, examination boards will review classifications and award students the higher classification if new marks change it.

Students were also told a letter from the university explaining the missing marks will be available for students to use with potential employers on July 7th.

This news follows suit of Manchester University who told final year students yesterday that they will receive a payment of £500 if they don’t have their full degrees by their graduation ceremonies.

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