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Modern Family quiz

Only a Dunphy could get full marks in this Modern Family quotes quiz

Move aside Aristotle, Phils’-osophy is the big man book in town x

Whether it’s Phil Dunphy channelling the energy everyone wants their Dad to have, or THE QUEEN Sofia Vergara blessing our screens, chances are you’ve heard of Modern Family.

This type of comfort show is the best. You’ve had a long day. You just about managed to gobble down a cheese sarnie in between meetings and you want to go home but Karen’s talking about her eyelash perm gone wrong. Enough Karen, we are in our manifestation, gua shua, self-care era. Self-care activities including third wheeling Mitch and Cam’s relationship.

It may have started way back in 2009 and finished a couple of years ago but Modern Family be in our hearts forever.

To prove your loyalty let the quiz commence. Step into the shoes of Alex; megamind energy is required.

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