“Getting our grades back has been all over the place”: Warwick graduates on their degrees

As the class of 2023 wraps up, recent Warwick graduates reflect on their experiences

On the 4th of July, Stuart Croft confirmed that all undergraduate finalists would receive their degree results the following day.

This announcement from the university’s Vice Chancellor also stated that as a result of this decision, all students in ‘a good academic standing’ would graduate on time. 

However, as the UCU marking and assessment boycott continues, uncertainty still remains for many students.

In his email, Croft also noted that ‘some students will have module marks missing’. As a result, some degree classifications could still be subject to change after the 5th of July.

Whilst Croft specified that results would ‘only go up’,  a sense of instability surrounding this year’s graduation season still remains. 

From the Covid pandemic to prolonged strike action, Warwick’s finalists have had a university experience like no other. As degree results were released, The Warwick Tab spoke to a group of this year’s finalists about their own university experiences and how they were feeling ahead of this year’s graduation. 

Anna Sharp (she/her) – History

Anna Sharp – who has spent her final term at uni working as a Team Leader in the Copper Rooms – explained to The Warwick Tab that results day had still been a very uncertain time for many students.

“The process of getting our grades back today has been all over the place”, Anna explained.

“I’m definitely super relieved now”, she continued. “But the way the university has given grades back is confusing – we got a final grade for the year, then our withheld assignments […] and now my final grade has been removed from Tabula.”

Anna summarised: “I am yet to find out what mark I am graduating with”.

When asked about how she was feeling ahead of graduating this summer, the history finalist reflected, “I’m definitely looking forward to my graduation […] I’m a bit nervous though because at this rate graduation may be the first time I see my final grade”.

Josh Schrijnen (he/him) – Philosophy

The outgoing secretary of Warwick Chamber Choir noted that he was “happy to be finished” after such a tumultuous few years at uni.

The outgoing secretary of Warwick Chamber Choir noted that he was “happy to be finished” after such a tumultuous few years at uni.

In regards to strike action, Josh went on to tell The Warwick Tab: “I only lost out on one term’s seminars”.  However, when this is considered on top of pandemic disruption back in first year, he stated that he was “not that far off from losing out on 50% of […] teaching” throughout his degree.

Christopher Tang (he/him) – English Literature and Creative Writing

Incoming MA student Chris told The Warwick Tab that he felt “happy and relieved” now that results had been released. However, Chris also acknowledged that his cohort’s road to graduation had not been an easy one: ” My first year was pretty much all online”.

On top of the pandemic disruption he experienced, Chris also explained: “In third year, strike days pretty much impacted half of my contact hours in Term 2. It was unfair that my learning was withheld and I couldn’t quite reach my educational goals”.

Looking ahead to the future, Chris said: “Now I’m just happy to have my marks. Whilst I do support fair pay for staff members, I hope my next year (MA) isn’t impacted as such”.

Kade Thomas (she/they) – French and Hispanic Studies

Upon receiving their results, Kade told The Warwick Tab:”I feel super relieved”.

Kade continued: “Graduation is going to be a super emotional day […] especially after the difficult few years we have had at university”.

The languages finalist explained: “Strikes have also had a huge impact on my studies. I studied Spanish for beginners and we missed quite a lot of important content”.

Reflecting back on their university experience as a whole, Kade concluded: “It’s hard to be mad about something that needs to happen to make life better for educators, but I wish that a solution could be found so that no more students have to miss out on their education”.

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