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Newcastle Uni student receives backlash after proposing during graduation ceremony

The proposal has caused controversy for taking place during a graduation ceremony held for multiple students

A Newcastle University student has received backlash after proposing at their graduation while she collected her certificate.

The now-deleted video was shared by @newcastleuni on Twitter and Instagram as a way to celebrate the life achievement but some viewers did not think this was the time or place for a proposal.

The video shows the woman walking up to collect her certificate when a man runs up to the front of the hall and offers her a ring box, as he begins to kneel.

The audience applauds and cheers as the woman says yes and the man puts the ring on her finger.

This well-meaning act divided people’s opinions, with some calling it “massively cringe”.

One person commented: “I’d rather have my graduation ceremony interrupted by Just Stop Oil tbh”.

Some believe the proposal was a romantic and valuable memory for both parties, saying: “Oh dear… looks like I’m in the minority… this is the sort of scene a romance writer writes!! I thought they were both graduating… it was sweet! I’d put it in one of my novels…”.

Others commented on the woman’s reaction to the proposal, claiming: “Her body language is screaming “I did not want this proposal at all, certainly not at my graduation ffs”.

Although, some people have praised the university for now deleting the video, as one person said: “Glad to see Newcastle Uni have finally deleted that awful video of the proposal on a woman’s graduation day”.

Featured image via Newcastle University.

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