barbie uni stereotypes

All the Barbie stereotypes you’re guaranteed to meet in your first year of university

This Barbie is definitely not doing the washing up

Part of the fun of going to uni is the array of characters you get to interact with, or even live with – some as striking as the characters from the Barbie movie. Although flatmates are a lucky dip, there are a few stereotypes that pop up in every city. If you think about it, uni is a bit like Barbie Dreamland but with less pink and more pints. If you are heading to uni for the first time in September, or even returning for your final year, here are just some of the Barbies you are bound to bump into.

Wannabe DJ Barbie

Gone are the days when having a set of decks was a cool and quirky personality trait. It seems to be that everyone thinks they are about to be the next Fred Again, so the chances that you will have an encounter with this Barbie in your uni halls are pretty high. Playing the guitar aggressively at someone and staring into their eyes has now been replaced with: “Let me show you how to mix”. Harrowing stuff.

Designated Driver Barbie

We love this Barbie. This Barbie can also be referred to as Shuttle Bus Service to Lidl Barbie because, realistically, if you have a car at uni, that’s what you will become. These Barbies may keep themselves hidden at first, so they can know who their true friends are, but keep an eye out because these Barbies are very handy to have around.

BNOC Barbie

barbie uni stereotypes

This Barbie was the shining star at their secondary school and intends to keep it that way. Every single time you follow someone on Instagram, without fail, they are one of your mutuals. This Barbie reaches into corners of your life you never even thought possible for one person. BNOC Barbie thinks they are everyone’s favourite when in reality we’ve all moved on to other toys.

Social Sec Barbie

barbie uni stereotypes

barbie uni stereotypes

barbie uni stereotypes

“Does anyone ever think about dying?” Well, we are now, thanks Buzzkill Barbie. You’re at an afters, the vibes are great, the drinks are flowing; then there’s always that one person who instantly brings the mood down by playing the songs that they cry about their breakup to and talking about how life is meaningless anyway. This Barbie gets uninvited.

Flatcest Barbie

barbie uni stereotypes

There’s always that one couple who met before they’d even got their bags out of the car. By week two they’ve already got a list of baby names. They are Ken-level obsessed with each other. They think they will last forever, and you better hope they do, otherwise it’s going to be pretty unbearable for anyone in close proximity.

Lightweight Barbie

barbie uni stereotypes

This Barbie didn’t have much drinking experience before coming to uni so can only commit to social events on every other day. The morning after a heavy(ish) night out you’ll have to go in and check for a pulse, because this Barbie will have been wiped out. Be nice to this Barbie, being this Barbie is hard.

Gap Yah Barbie

This Barbie may not have been to space, but it seems like they’ve been everywhere else. There’s a temptation to hate this Barbie, the one that won’t shut up about how their gap year was just the most life-changing experience. But at the same time, while they were halfway across the world caring for orphaned elephants, what were you doing? You will get a year down the line in your friendship with this Barbie and realise you actually don’t know anything about them, apart from a list of countries they’ve been to and where they’re going next.

Drop Out Barbie

Drop Out Barbie AKA the ghost. Every flat has one, the person that either dropped out in the first few weeks or never even showed up in the first place. Just like Barbie, they are not a person, but an idea, that morphs into the illusive unseen flatmate. Maybe they said they’d keep in touch, and that they left because of their course and not you guys, but trust me when I say: You will never hear from them again.

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