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Here’s where you can buy your own ‘I am Kenough’ hoodie from the Barbie movie online

This Ken is cosy in his hoodie

The love for the new Barbie film is immense. Everyone everywhere is in pink right now and while that’s cute and very on brand – what about Ken? Where’s his share of the limelight?

We get it – she’s everything and he’s just Ken. But you’ve got to be blind to miss some of the iconic looks Ken pulls out of the bag in Barbie. The denim vest and rollerblading neons are firm fan favourites, but the iconic “I am Kenough” hoodie from mattel takes the bacon and don’t we all know it.

So, for all you Ken’s looking to level up your wardrobe, here’s exactly where you can get your hands on your own tie-dye fleece just in time for autumn.

You can pre-order the “Kenough” hoodie directly from Mattel’s website for £58. Hoodies are due to ship on or before September 29th, making it a perfect staple for layering just as it starts to get cold. It comes in six sizes so there’s absolutely no excuse why you can’t buy it for your own Ken for Christmas either.

Or, if you’re impatient Ken and can’t hold on until then, Etsy have loads of tie-dye Ken merch to tie you over until then, including t-shirts and “Big Time Kenergy” branded items. You can even find Barbie branded caps to really embrace your inner Ken from head to toe.

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Featured Image via Warner Brothers and Mattel.