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which ken would date you quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Ken would be your Ken

John Cena had no business looking so good in a wig

Barbie is all anyone can think about right now, and rightly so. The movie came out just in time for hot girl summer, so besides staring in awe at Ryan Gosling’s six pack, it’s only natural to swoon over the Kens and secretly wonder which Ken you’d most likely pull. Who knew John Cena could look so good in a wig?

So, are you a Sugar Daddy Ken stan? Or is it Allan’s awkward wave that gets you going? No judgement here. Between humming along to “Just Ken” and surfing Vinted for pink leg warmers, the question remains: Which Barbie movie Ken would be your Ken? Here to satisfy your curiosity and put the question to bed, take this quiz to find out.

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