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1/5 of Glasgow students yet to secure accommodation for the upcoming academic year

The ongoing housing crisis has left students unsure of their living situation just six weeks before the new year begins

One-fifth of students have not found accommodation yet in Glasgow with September fast approaching.

The Tab Glasgow’s survey found nearly 20 per cent of students have not been able to secure a property as of yet, with 30 per cent answering that they have not had to apply for new housing due to staying in previous accommodation.

The pressing housing crisis, which gained attention in 2022, has left students grappling with uncertainty and anxiety as they scramble to find a place to live.

Eilidh Paterson, a second year politics and international relations student at Strathclyde University has shared her experience.

“It was very difficult to find a flat in Glasgow for this year, despite numerous viewings and enquiries the majority of flats were usually taken. Joining mailing lists from estate agents and Rightmove helped a lot.”

According to the Amber students, in 2023, Glasgow attracted around 1.75m students who aimed to apply for higher education but only 20,000 PBSA beds were available. The ratio of existing students to a bed which was 3:1 has now become 4:1 with a 12.3 per cent raise since 2017.

For years, Glasgow has been known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse communities, drawing young individuals from across the globe to study in this cultured city. That was until the city’s academic institutions’ lack of preparation created a housing nightmare for many.

Prospective students hoping to join renowned universities in Glasgow, such as the University of Glasgow, the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian University must now take part in the extremely competitive rental market so that they may attend their dream university.

Although this situation is severe for the majority of students, students that do not live in close range are scrambling for somewhere to stay.

The student housing crisis has in the past been linked to the lack of preparation by universities in 2022. Students studying in the city of Glasgow were arriving with uncertainty. Some had been denied accommodation provided by the universities and were in limbo waiting to hear if it had been reassessed.

As for private student accommodation, many were already fully booked and the one’s that still had availability were often out of people’s budgets. Student accommodation in 2023 is the most expensive it has been in recent years, with some offering en-suites at the price of £750 each month, sometimes even more.

The crisis last year led to students sofa surfing, and the university putting students up in hotels whilst they scrambled to find accommodation for them. Students are fearful of a repeat as September nears.

The housing crisis in Glasgow has left many students struggling to find affordable and suitable accommodation near their universities. This issue may only become more dire within the coming year.