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Divorcing Elon Musk and raising chicks: This is what the cast of St Trinian’s is up to now

Annabelle Fritton just got engaged to the kid from Love Actually

St Trinian’s was one of those films that truly shaped all our childhoods. Although it was only released one year prior to Wild Child, I still believe it was the OG which taught us the basics of school: Cliques, classroom banter, Colin Firth – well maybe not Colin Firth but the list could go on.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s been 16 years since this film came out and I still can’t pinpoint the best or most iconic moment. I also can’t help but wonder where or what the characters are up to now so let’s have a look, shall we? This is what the St Trinian’s cast has been up to since the film came out:

Talulah Riley – Annabelle Fritton

Since her time as main character, Annabelle Fritton, Talulah’s continued a career in acting. She’s starred in films such as Inception, had a recurring role in West World, and most recently, portrayed Vivienne Westwood in the 2022 series, Pistol. She’s also an avid writer and has released a few books over the years.

More interestingly perhaps, is Talulah’s dating history. The English actress has been married to Elon Musk not once, but twice. She wed the Tesla billionaire back in 2010 for two years, and then again in 2013 before divorcing in 2016. Oh, how two worlds collide. As of last week, however, she announced her engagement to boyfriend of two years and fellow actor, Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Correct, that is the little boy we watch cartwheel through an airport every Christmas.

Gemma Arterton – Kelly Jones

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Kelly Jones was the character we all wanted to be. She gave us faith that we could rock a bob that short even if we did look like Edna from The Incredibles. It was wishful thinking for our seven-year-old selves.

Anyway, since her stint as the OG head girl, Gemma has gone on to do some massive movies; she appeared alongside 007 in Quantum of Solace, boarded a yacht with Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery, and now works with former castmate (and headmistress), Rupert Everett, in the 2023 sitcom Funny Woman. I think it’s fair to say she’s had a rollercoaster of a career so far. On top of this, she’s also had roles in both The King’s Man and Rogue Agent.  In regards to her private life, Gemma welcomed a son earlier this year with Peaky Blinders actor and husband, Rory Keenan.

Tamsin Egerton – Chelsea Parker

You may recall Tamsin as head of the Posh Tottys. Either that, or the bossy character in Chalet Girl. Unlike her rather mean-spirited persona though, Tamsin seems to have taken a step away from the limelight. Having said that, she is married to A-list actor, Josh Hartnett, who recently appeared in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. The couple share three daughters together and by the looks of her instagram, lead a pretty private life.

Antonia Bernath – Chloe

The second member of the Posh Tottys, Chloe, was played by Antonia Bernath. Before her debut in St Trinians, Antonia studied English literature at Cambridge – the Posh Tottys would be proud. More recently, she’s had a role in the final season of Downtown Abbey, and graced our screens in the ITVX series, Nolly. She is also said to be happily married with two children.

Juno Temple – Celia

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Ah, Celia. Or, Drippy, depending on your preferred character. Since her days as the residential hippy, Juno has really made a name for herself. Not just over here but also in Hollywood. The actress has starred in Dirty John, The Dark Knight Rises and most recently: Ted Lasso. She took to instagram a couple weeks ago to announce she’s been nominated for an Emmy.

Lily Cole – Polly

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I guess we could say Lily Cole was a bit understated in her role as geeky Polly. Not long after filming, the supermodel enrolled at University of Cambridge where she undertook a degree in history of art. She even managed to get a first. Show off. But education hasn’t been the only thing she’s done since, she also became an entrepreneur and helped co- found with her husband and CEO, Kwame Ferreira. They have a daughter together and Lily is also the part-owner of a London bookshop. It’s the stuff of Notting Hill. 

Cloe and Holly Mackie – The twins

cast of st trinian's now

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Best known for playing Tara and Tania, real-life twins Cloe and Holly seem to be pretty MIA since their St Trinian’s days. Whilst there’s no indication that they’re online, I’m sure they’re getting up to plenty of mischief somewhere in the world. Hey, maybe they’re planning to make a comeback with Michael Caine. After all, they did have the most iconic line delivery ever: “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”.

Amara Karan – Peaches

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Amara Karan played Peaches, the third member of the Posh Tottys. As seen by her Instagram, she’s still pretty fashionable and likes to keep in threes. While she has made a few on-screen appearances in both The Night Of, and A Fantastic Fear of Everything, it’s mainly been the theatre calling her name. Last year, she took front and centre stage in Tim Walker’s Bloody Difficult Women. Who would have guessed!

Kathryn Drysdale – Taylor

Taylor the “chav” is probably the last character you would associate Kathryn with. No doubt you recognise her as both Meghan Markle in The Windsors and Madame Delacroix in Bridgerton. Yes, she was basically the person to thank for Daphne’s stunning wardrobe in the series.

Paloma Faith – Andrea

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I’m ashamed to admit, but I may have forgotten Paloma Faith was even in St Trinian’s. The 42-year old singer played Andrea, the token goth of the school. I’m chalk forgetting she was in the film to all the makeup she was wearing – she’s completely unrecognisable. Nonetheless, she’s had her own back with endless BRIT nominations and catchy bangers such as Lullaby and Only Love Can Hurt Like This. She was also a judge on season five of The Voice UK. Let’s just say she’s a lot more memorable now.

Lucy Punch – Verity Thwaites

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Where do I even begin with Verity Thwaites? Well, firstly you’ll remember her as Colin Firth’s daughter who’s basically just a bitch with a hockey stick and too much confidence for her own good. In reality though, the actress could not be further from her character. Prior to St Trinian’s, Lucy Punch had cameos in Ella Enchanted and Hot Fuzz, both of which are incredible films in their own right.

What’s more, she landed parts in Dinner for Schmucks with Steve Carrell and Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz. The woman’s a powerhouse. My favourite work of hers? Motherland. In the words of my housemate, Alex: “I just didn’t realise a show about mums could be so entertaining”. Completely agree.

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