Tammy Daybell’s sister says Lori Vallow ‘deprived’ her of healing during court case

‘I will grieve her for the rest of my life’

Lori Vallow has been jailed for life for murdering tow of he children and conspiring to kill her husband’s ex-wife, Tammy Daybell. During the court case, Tammy Daybell’s sister, Samantha Gwilliam, gave a victim statement, telling the court how she has been impacted by Vallow’s crime.

She told Lori she will “choose to forget” her as Vallow was handed three life sentences, one for each of the charges, to be served one after the other.

“Over the last few years I have often thought about what I would ever say to you, Lori. I have often thought about what my sister would have said too,” she began her statement.

|The minute I found out that Chad had quickly remarried after the death of my most beloved sister Tammy it confirmed what I had always felt.”

Samantha said “the minute” she received the phone call to tell her Tammy had died, she “knew something had happened”.

“So when we were told by Chad that he had married you and it had had happened two weeks after Tammy had been buried, my heart knew,” she continued.

“We asked, ‘What’s her name?’ ‘Lori Ryan’. Well that was a lie, that was two husbands ago. So I searched what happened to your previous husband, she told us he had died from a heart attack. Lie. He died from being shot. The police ask about missing children, you say the children aren’t missing they’re safe and happy. That’s a lie.

“Your poor children were dead and buried under Chad’s property and my sister was told was sick. Well that was a lie. I had seen her with my own eyes two weeks prior, she was very healthy. I was glad to get some answer and truth after so many lies.”

Samantha told the court that because of Vallow’s actions, her family “lost a beloved mother, sister, aunt and daughter”.

She said: “She is irreplaceable. She was one thousand times the woman you will ever dream of being.”

“Your trial was the last thing my ailing mother had to live through, she declined in health as she heard all of the horrible things that happened and she had to relive all the things we have tried to forget in the last four years,” she added.

“My mother passed away in June, knowing you will never come out of prison again. Her passing was marred by the fact that Tammy’s children chose not to participate in her funeral because of fear of causing more drama.”

Ending her statement, Samantha said that she and her family have been “deprived” of having a chance to heal.

“I miss my sister every day. I will grieve her and the loss of my mother for the rest of my life.  I will always remember them. As for you, I choose to forget you. And as I leave this courtroom again, I choose to never think of you again.”

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