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Here are all the stunning real life filming locations from season two of Heartstopper

It wouldn’t be a Netflix series without a romantic backdrop

With season two of Heartstopper hitting our screens, there’s lots to address. From fresh faces joining the cast, to an educational school trip to France, the series is undoubtedly pulling on all our heartstrings. Perhaps the most important question we have as viewers, however, is where the series actually takes place. After all, the trip abroad is the biggest storyline this season and each episode is filmed in such a stunning location. Well, at least, the shots in France are. So, here’s a full rundown of all the filming locations in Heartstopper season two:


Believe it or not, the Berkshire town of Slough plays a massive role in the first few episodes of the second season. Whether you’re watching Charlie and Nick sneak around Truham or making things official at the park in episode two, Slough is to thanks for its scenic backdrop. The same goes for the following episode when a post-exam bonfire party is held.

Farnham, Surrey

Another UK base for filming season two, is Farnham in Surrey. This location features in episode seven when Elle invites the whole group to see her art at Lambert School’s “Here and Queer” exhibition. Let’s just say there’s a lot to unpack. Along with this set location, it has also been said that the crew filmed at the Twickenham Studios in Richmond-upon-Thames.


Perhaps the biggest takeaway from season two, is whether or not the cast actually filmed in Paris and you’ll be glad to know that no CGI was involved. In fact, the actors confirmed they spent several days filming in the French capital.


Starting their school trip off right, the gang visit Montmartre in episode four. Known as a “hub of art history”, this Parisian neighbourhood is located in the north of the capital.

Sacre Coeur Basilica

Continuing iconic landmarks in episode four, Tao and Elle head to the Musee de Montmartre for their second date attempt.

L’Escalier Bistro

Ending the night with local cuisine, the gang reunite at real restaurant, L’Escalier, also based in Montmartre.

Arc de Triomphe

Moving onto episode five, the students are lost for words when their coach drives past the Arc de Triomphe, known for commemorating WWI soldiers.

Eiffel Tower

It wouldn’t be a proper trip to Paris without visiting the most romantic landmark of all. The Eiffel Tower is the ultimate backdrop for the latest season as it signifies all things love. *Swoons*

The Louvre

Adding to the list of iconic landmarks visited by the cast in episode five, The Louvre is another memorable attraction. As many have noted, you probably won’t be as lucky to go inside the museum without joining a pretty hefty queue.

Pont Neuf

Following on from The Louvre, episode six shows Nick and Charlie race to meet Nick’s dad, Stephane, at a Cafe in Port Neuf. For eagle-eyed fans, it’s worth noting that the cafe where Nick takes Charlie to in Episode five, is actually based near Piccadilly Circus, London.

Shakespeare and Company book shop

The final episode in Paris features a trip to the Shakespeare and Company book shop, much to Isaac’s delight. This independent store originally opened its doors back in 1951, before being shut during the Second World War. Since then, however, it’s re-opened its second branch which still specialises in a range of written genres.

Notre-Dame de Paris

Although this tourist attraction caught fire in 2019, causing severe damage to the roof, it does also feature in the series.

Le Marais

The tourist day out ends with Nick and Charlie seeing another LGBTQ+ couple walking hand-in-hand in Le Marais, ultimately giving them the courage to do the same. This location is known for its connection to the LGBTQ+ community, with a number of gay bars and clubs opened since the 80’s. On top of this, you’ll also find lots of cafes and independent bakeries.

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