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Mr Farouk Heartstopper season two

Meet Nima Taleghani! The actor who plays no-nonsense Mr Farouk in Heartstopper season two

I need more of him in season three

Heartstopper season two saw the introduction of a whole bunch of characters, from Nick’s family to new teachers at Truham Grammar. Like with any series, viewers immediately attach themselves to a character and this time round it’s Mr Farouk. While he is first introduced as this incredibly strict teachers, viewers eventually see a different side to him.

But who plays Mr Farouk in Heartstopper season two? Here’s everything we know about Nima Taleghani, the actor who portrays Mr Farouk.

Nima Taleghani plays Mr Farouk in Heartstopper season two

Youssef Farouk, portrayed by Nima Taleghani, is a science teacher at Truham. According to the Alice Oseman fandom, Mr Farouk is a “no-nonsense, strict” teacher who isn’t afraid to “show his authority to students”.

“Noticing how many of his students are queer and in relationships, Youssef admits he struggles to show sympathy since he missed out on being out of the closet until his mid-twenties, and now feels like it’s too late to feel free like they do,” his personality synopsis reads.

It continues: “It’s not until becoming closer to Nathan Ajayi that Youssef becomes more bashful, nervous and giddy. He initially believes that after sleeping together in Paris that Nathan was a hookup, but is pleasantly surprised when Nathan asks him out for a date, and the two form a genuine relationship.”

During the graphic novels, Youssef grows “more sympathy” for his students and goes above and beyond to look out for them.

“He also is shown to watch over Charlie after he begins to suffer from his mental problems, seeing a young version of himself in Charlie and believing that he could to do better for the school,” the synopsis reads.

Most of his work is onstage

While most of his professional work is on stage, he has had various roles in movies like 90 Minutes, Danny Boy and Femme. In 2020, he was part of the show Cyrano, which won an Olivier Award.

He has travelled all over to star in various theatre shows including the Unicorn Theatre in London and Theatre Royal in Glasgow.

His latest behind the scenes photo are vibey AF

Nima posted a carousel of pictures from behind the scenes of Heartstopper and the vibes are truly immaculate. While he doesn’t post much on his Instagram, the vibes should satisfy you enough.

Here’s how you can follow Nima on Instagram

Nima’s Instagram handle is @nima_taleghani and he currently has 25,000 followers on Instagram. While he only has six posts on his feed, let’s hope he’s going to treat us with a few more BTS pics from his time filming Heartstopper season two.

Season one and season two of Heartstopper are available to watch on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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