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Glasgow voted the ‘most fun’ place to be a student in the UK

Strathclyde University was also named in the top five

Glasgow has been named the “most fun” place to go to uni, per studies carried out by student accommodation provider Study Inn.

High end student accommodation provider, Study Inn, have done some research on student experiences and have taken into account a number of factors such as pubs, restaurants and nightclubs.

Other things included in their research were student societies, student satisfaction and of course, the average price of a pint.

The University of Glasgow claimed the top spot, with Strathclyde also in the top five sitting third.

The Most ‘Fun’ Places to be at Uni:

  1. University of Glasgow
  2. University of Leeds
  3. University of Exeter, Strathclyde & UCL
  4. University of Bristol
  5. University of Southampton

Glasgow, being known for it’s variety of pubs, bars and clubs with hundreds available across the city, scored a rating of 4.38/5 for student satisfaction.

When it comes to heading out on the pubcrawls, pints are scored as “relatively cheap” in Glasgow priced at an average of £4.18.

Managing Director of Operations at Study Inn, Matt Shakespeare, said: “We are thrilled to be part of such vibrant student cities. At Study Inn, we pride ourselves on surpassing expectations by offering our resident guests an unparalleled student experience. We firmly believe it is not just about studying, but also about embracing a sense of enjoyment and excitement throughout their uni journey.”

But despite how much booze is available, Glasgow has even more to offer. An abundance of green space is another thing that many people love about Glasgow, with loads of pleasant walks and nature on show at places like Glasgow Green and the Botanic Gardens.

Glasgow is a UNESCO City of Music with the Scottish Opera Company, the National Theatre of Scotland and the Glasgow Jazz Festival just some of the acts on show across the city. The Gallery of Modern Art and the Riverside Museum are also well liked places, home to over 3,000 objects on display.

Speaking to some Univerisity of Glasgow students about the news, they said:

”It makes sense, even my mates from London and Edinburgh say that a night out in Glasgow is class. We are lucky like even from what I seen my mates in Edinburgh pay for rent, it makes me realise we have it pretty good here.”