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Heartstopper season two behind the scenes

These Heartstopper season two BTS pics will make you want to be friends with the cast so bad

It’s their world and we’re living in it

Heartstopper season two has taken over all our lives in the best way possible. Season two has seen Charlie and Nick as they navigate the next steps of their relationship. A fair few episodes this season take place in Paris, so you just know the cast had a blast filming the scenes.

This season touched on subjects that hadn’t been explored as much in season one, with viewers feeling grateful at being represented on as big a show as Heartstopper. Season three of Heartstopper had been announced following the success of season one and the show’s creator, Alice Oseman, says it’ll focus on “love” and that’s all they had to say on the matter. Season three will no doubt cover even more important topics.

After season one it was so obvious the cast were all the best of friends which made the show even more special. From snippets behind the most iconic scenes this season, the cast have let us in on a treat. There’s nothing our generation loves more than a photo dump, so of course we had to give it to you in the form of Heartstopper season two behind the scenes photos.

1. Um, I’m obsessed

2. Bit cold? x

3. Simply wholesome vibes!


5. Can I be friends with them please

6. They’re all so wholesome!

7. Alice Oseman is feeding us with these pics

8. Just LOVE

9. The sweetest pic!

10. Wholesome

Both seasons of Heartstopper are available to watch on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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