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This is what Luke and Laura have been up to since being fired from Below Deck Down Under

Luke has been living in Dubai

The latest episodes of Below Deck Down Under saw Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne fired from the ship for inappropriate behaviour towards their crew mates.

Throughout the series, Luke’s behaviour was constantly noted by Captain Jason mainly due to his lack of leadership and initiative. Due to this and his behaviour towards Margot after a night out, Jason had no option than to fire him.

Laura was fired the same day as Luke due to her inappropriate behaviour towards Adam after she climbed on top of him while he was trying to sleep, forcing producers to step in. Laura has since apologised for her actions whilst Luke has kept a pretty low profile.

So what have Luke and Laura been up to since they were fired from Below Deck Down Under?

What has Luke been doing since Below Deck Down Under?

via Bravo

Luke is now living in Dubai and spends most of his time working out and promoting his fitness brand. His first post in Dubai was in late 2022 so it’s possible he moved there around that time. While he was on Below Deck Down Under, Luke said he enjoyed adventure so it kind of makes sense he has made the move to a brand new country.

It appears Luke is in a relationship with fitness influencer and personal trainer Diana Maldonado. Her Instagram is full of fitness routines and workout videos, however it has turned private since following the episodes.

In a picture he posted to his Instagram story, Luke posted a photo of a yacht and captioned it: “self improvement 1.5 years on”, suggesting he has been working on himself since the show.

What has Laura been doing since Below Deck Down Under?

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Laura’s Instagram is now private so it isn’t clear what she has been up to since. However, she did issue an apology on her Instagram when the episode aired.

“My sincere apologies to Adam, I did not realise I made him feel uncomfortable and no one should be put in that position. And to Margot not to been able to empathise. I was 29 when the show was filmed. 30 was my life-changer. I am 31 now and I am watching it as all of you, an entertainment show,” she captioned a photo of her and Luke.

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