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Here’s where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s opioid crisis drama Painkiller from

Once again I’ll be giving Uzo Aduba her flowers

Painkiller is a new Netflix drama that explores the opioid crisis in America through a dramatised retelling. The series will focus on those dealing with the crisis and those taking on the Sackler family.

Though this is a dramatised retelling of events, the Netflix series is based on Barry Meier’s book Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic.

Painkiller features an all star cast that viewers are bound to recognise, including some very well known Netflix stars. Here’s where you recognise the case of Netflix series Painkiller from.

Uzo Aduba – Edie Flowers

Uzo Aduba in the cast of Netflix series Painkiller looking outside of a window with glasses on and a white shirt

via Netflix

Uzo Aduba stars as Edie Flowers in Painkiller, a no-nonsense lawyer working for the US Attorney’s office who notices a pattern in prescriptions of OxyContin.

Viewers will likely recognise Uzo for her role as Suzanne Warren in Orange is the New Black. Her other projects include Miss Virgina, Mrs. America and Solos.

Matthew Broderick – Richard Sackler

Matthew Broderick in the cast of Netflix series Painkiller wearing a grey suit pointing at himself

via Netflix

Matthew Broderick is probably best known for his roles in films from the 1980s and 90s. One of his best known roles is in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and being the voice of Simba in The Lion King movies. His other projects include No Hard Feelings, WarGames and The Cable Guy.

Matthew stars as Richard Sackler in the Netflix series. In Painkiller, Richard becomes chairman and president of Purdue Pharma, prompting the call to replace MS Contin with OxyContin.

Taylor Kitsch – Glen Kryger

via Netflix

Glen Kryger is a business owner who gets prescribed OxyContin following an injury at work. Viewers see his journey as the drug turns his and his family’s lives upside down.

Glen Kryger is played by Taylor Kitsch, best known for his roles in Battleship, John Carter and Friday Night Lights.

West Duchovny – Shannon Schaeffer

West Duchovny in the cast of Netflix series Painkiller sat down in a multicoloured dress with a colourful balloon archway behind her

via Netflix

West Duchovny is fairly new to the acting game but in the last few years she has appeared in Saint X, Linoleum and A Mouth of Air.

West Duchovny is fairly new to the acting game but in the last few years she has appeared in Saint X, Linoleum and A Mouth of Air.

Dina Shihabi has starred in various TV shows and movies over the years, including Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Altered Carbon and Archive 81.

Dina’s character is Britt Hufford, a Purdue Pharma sales rep who recruits Shannon and let’s her in on the life she could have working for them.

John Rothman – Mortimer Sackler

via Netflix (John Rothman on the left)

Mortimer Sackler was the middle brother in the Sackler family, who died in 2010. Mortimer is portrayed by John Rothman, best known for his roles in Prime and One Mississippi.

Tyler Ritter – US Attorney John Brownlee

via Netflix

John Brownlee is Edie’s new boss who prompts the legal battle to pursue justice and the truth behind the OxyContin drug. Brownlee is played by Tyler Ritter who has appeared in Young & Hungry, NCIS and The McCarthys.

Carolina Bartczak – Lily Kryger

via Netflix

Lily is Glen’s wife who woks alongside him at their small business. When Glen struggles with his use of OxyContin, Lily has face the reality of his addiction and tries to help him.

Carolina Bartczak is best known for her roles in X-Men: Apocalypse, An Audience of Chairs and Moonfall. She has also appeared in the TV series’ The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehod, Most Dangerous Game and The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.

Jack Mulhern – Tyler Kryger

Jack Mulhern in the cast of Netflix series Painkiller wearing a brown jacket and beige top

via Netflix

Avid Netflix viewers will recognise Jack Mulhern for his role in The Society as well as in Wu-Tang: An American Saga and Odd Man Rush. Jack stars as Tyler Kryger, Lily and Glen’s son who blames himself for Glen’s accident at work.

Clark Gregg – Arthur Sackler

via Netflix

Arthur Sackler is the head of the Sackler family and founder of Purdue. Arthur Sackler is played by Clark Greggs, who viewers will most definitely recognise as Agent Phil Coulson in Marvel films.

Over the years Clark has also starred in (500) Days of Summer, Florida Man and Run Sweetheart Run.

Ana Cruz Kayne – Brianna Ortiz

Ana Cruz Kayne plays Brianna Ortiz in Netflix series Painkiller. Over the years she has starred in Partner Track, The Enemy Within and her most recent project is in the billion dollar film, Barbie.

Sam Anderson – Raymond Sackler

via Netflix (Sam Anderson on the right)

Raymond Sackler is portrayed by Sam Anderson, who viewers may recognise from Forrest Gump, Memoirs of an Invisible Man and Water for Elephants. Some of his more recent projects include A Million Little Things, Where the Crawdads Sing and Alt.

John Ales – Dr Gregory Fitzgibbons

John Ales stars as Dr Gregory Fitzgibbons in the Netflix Painkiller cast. Ales is best known for his roles alongside Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor. He has also appeared in You Wish, Who Are You People and Life of the Party.

Jamaal Grant – Shawn Flowers

Jamaal Grant stars in three episodes of Painkiller as Shawn Flowers. Jamaal has starred in an array of TV shows and movies including The Recruit, The Manny and Rabbit Hole.

Ron Lea – Bill Havens

Ron Lea stars as Bill Havens in the Netflix Painkiller cast and he is best known for his roles in Street Legal, This is Wonderland and Doc.

Painkiller is available to watch on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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