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red white & royal blue cast

Here’s where you recognise the cast of the ‘beautiful’ Red, White and Royal Blue from

Uma Thurman being president and Stephen Fry as the King is so iconic

After months of waiting, Red, White, & Royal Blue has finally dropped on Amazon Prime and we can all finally tuck into another epic book adaptation that has been in good hands.

The novel, and now movie, is a love story about the son of the US president and the British prince, who despite a longtime feud, become friends and begin a secret romantic relationship. While it took “five months” to find the perfect Alex and Henry to cast in Red, White & Royal Blue, viewers will now be able to see them brought to life in this movie.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Red, White & Royal Blue and where you recognise them from.

Taylor Zakhar Perez – Alex Claremont-Diaz

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First of all, I’m never getting over that Taylor Zakhar Perez is 31. Yep. 31! Anyways, Taylor plays Alex Claremont-Diaz, the son of the US president who falls in love with Prince Henry.

Taylor first got into acting in 2012 after landing a guest role in iCarly and later went on to have roles in Black and the unaired Cruel Intentions series pilot.

His first major role was in The Kissing Booth 2 in 2020 as Marco Peña. He has also appeared in Minx, 1Up and Embeds.

Talking about playing Alex, Taylor said his character “really wants to make his family proud and he’s an overachiever”.

Nicholas Galitzine – Prince Henry

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Nicholas Galitzine stars as Prince Henry, a British royal who falls in love with Alex, in the Red, White & Royal Blue movie.

The British actor has had a number of roles in various projects, including High Strung, The Craft: Legacy and Cinderella. One of his more recent projects include portraying Luke in Netflix’s Purple Hearts.

Following Red, White & Royal Blue, Nicholas’ next project is in the period drama Mary & George, alongside Julianne Moore.

Uma Thurman – President Ellen Claremont

Uma Thurman in a long red dress in the red white & royal blue cast

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Well we all know who Uma Thurman is! Uma Thurman stars as the first female president of the US in the movie, and Alex’s mother.

Well we all know who Uma Thurman is! Uma Thurman stars as the first female president of the US in the movie, and Alex’s mother.

Her next project is in the art heist movie The Kill Room, which will see her act alongside her daughter Maya Hawke.

Stephen Fry – The King

Stephen Fry portrays Henry’s grandfather, the King, and honestly there’s nothing more iconic than this casting.

Talking about his role ahead of the movie, Stephen Fry said: “It’s a beautiful, gay love story. In every sense a fairytale story, I suppose you could say. I play the King who is the grandfather of the gay prince. I had a marvellous day working with them, and I think it’ll be something rather special.”

Stephen Fry has had a long history in the film and TV world, from starring in Blackadder, Alice in Wonderland to voicing the Truham Grammar headmaster in Netflix’s Heartstopper.

Next month, Fry is set to join season three of The Morning Show alongside Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

Sarah Shahi – Zahra Bankston

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Sarah Shahi plays Zahra Bankston, the deputy chief of staff in the Red, White & Royal Blue movie. Viewers may recognise Sarah for her role in the Netflix series Sex/Life. Sarah’s other projects include Person of Interest, The Rookie and The L Word.

Rachel Hilson – Nora Holleran

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Nora Holleran, Alex’s good friend, is played by Rachel Hilson. Hilson has appeared in various TV shows including Madam Secretary, Love, Victor and This Is Us. She is set to star in the upcoming crime series Duster.

Ellie Bamber – Princess Beatrice

Ellie Bamber in a blue dress consoling Nicholas Galitzine in a pink shirt and black trousers in the red white & royal blue cast

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Ellie Bamber plays Princess Beatrice, Henry’s sister, in the movie. The British actress has had roles in the films Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Nocturnal Animals and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

Her more recent projects include the Disney+ series Willow. It has been reported Ellie will star as Kate Moss in the film Moss & Freud.

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