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Laura Below Deck Down Under

Fired stew Laura Bileskalne claims Below Deck Down Under was ‘manipulated to fit a narrative’

‘It’s crucial to separate the character portrayed on TV to the real person behind the scenes’

Below Deck Down Under’s Laura Bileskalne has claimed her scenes on the show were “manipulated” after viewers saw her get fired for sexual misconduct.

During episodes six and seven, Laura was seen mounting her crew mate, Adam Kodra, without his consent and was later fired for not “respecting other people’s boundaries”.

While Laura did apologise for what happened, saying she “did not realise” she made Adam feel uncomfortable, she has since told her followers that not everything was as it seemed during the episodes.

“What we’re witnessing is harassment being defended by harassment. People [are being] influenced by what is been fed to them,” she wrote in a lengthy post to her Instagram story.

Laura went on to claim that the show portrayed a “condensed version of events”, telling her followers that what was shown on Below Deck Down Under doesn’t “reflect a person’s character or intentions”.

“It’s crucial to separate the character portrayed on television to the real person behind the scenes,” she continued.

“It’s disheartening to be subjected to negative judgements and assumptions based on limited footage.”

Her Instagram story featured a photo of her and Luke, with the caption: “You are not alone Luke”.

The former second stew went on to say she “strived to be authentic and genuine” whilst on the show and found it “unfortunate” that “certain events and interactions [were] sensationalised and manipulated to fit a particular narrative.”

“I understand that reality TV offers entertainment value, but it’s essential to remember that it’s not always an accurate reflection of reality itself,” Laura continued.

In a separate Instagram story, Laura thanked her followers who “relate to [her] and see the reality behind the reality TV”.

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