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We watched them all fall in love, so what are the iconic Love Is Blind cast members up to now?

Giannina has a new boyfriend!

We were all introduced to the wild ride that is Love Is Blind back in 2021 and since then there have been four seasons no one will ever be able to forget and seven successful marriages. Each season of Love Is Blind has provided viewers with laughs, tears and one too many bags of popcorn being popped and a bunch of icons.

While most people are up to date with which couples are still together and who is friends with who, there are some true Love Is Blind icons that have slipped through the cracks since their seasons. There are some truly standout icons from every season of Love Is Blind, but what are they all up to now?

From seasons one to four, here’s a look what the Love Is Blind icons are all up to now.

Lauren and Cameron

Lauren and Cameron really set the bar when it came to finding love on Love Is Blind. While many people doubted if they’d make it beyond the pods, they proved everyone wrong and have been married for five years.

Following their success on Love Is Blind, Lauren and Cameron launched their own YouTube channel called Hangin’ With the Hamiltons, covering all things from their home life and marriage to their family and friends.

“Whether you are returning from before, you’re familiar with our story, or whether you just found us and you’re new to our house, we are happy to have you,” Lauren shared in their first video.

In 2020, Cameron and Lauren hosted an Ellen DeGeneres series called Game Night and saw the couple compete against other famous couples in a series of virtual games. Later that year, the couple went back to the resort they went to during the show.

In June 2021, the couple co-authored a book called Leap of Faith, which detailed the early days of their romance and their experience on Love Is Blind. The following year, Lauren launched her own podcast, We Have the Receipts, which is all about reality TV shows, giving recaps and gossip about all the Netflix series.

Later this year, the couple will celebrate their five year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Raven Ross

Raven was the best part of Love Is Blind season three and that’s FACT. During the show, Raven started a romance with SK, but he later decided to not go ahead with their wedding. In After the Altar, the two announced they were dating, that was until November 2022.

Rumours began to circulate on social media that SK had cheated on Raven, which he has said he didn’t have a physical affair but rather inappropriate conversations. Raven has since left SK in the past and in February 2023, she announced she was dating someone.

Raven is still grinding with her pilates business and often shares routines and workouts on her YouTube channel and Pilates Body Hotties Instagram account. In April 2023, she jetted off to Cabo and honestly, she seems to be living her best life.

As she should!

Chelsea Griffin

Chelsea got married to Kwame on Love Is Blind and despite people doubting them, they have made their relationship work and are stronger than ever.

During the reunion, Chelsea revealed that she and Kwame live together, despite Kwame not taking to her home on the show.

“Disney/Pixar movies are something that Chelsea and I both really love,” Kwame wrote on Instagram. “It was my first time, and it was the perfect way to spend our day. It emphasised the most important parts of our relationship. Going on adventures, discovering new things, sharing in our passions, and learning from each other.

“While sharing joy, love, and happiness through it. Excited to continue creating memories with you. What a magical year, and it’s only UP from here baby.”

In June 2023, the couple went on they long overdue honeymoon and visited Turkey and Mykonos. Since the show aired on Netflix, Chelsea has been living her best life, and she and Kwame recently relived their first dance at the Alicia Keys concert.


Giannina made a splash on season one of Love Is Blind, and that is largely down to her wedding ending in her running out of the altar after Damian said he couldn’t marry her. Giannina is no longer with Damian and seems to be thriving with her new man and Love Is Blind firmly in the past.

In 2021, Giannina confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that she was “officially single” and had “moved on”. “I feel really, really good. I’m definitely at a really good place in my life,” she told the publication.

After Love Is Blind, Giannina went on another reality TV show called All Star Shore, which featured people who had been on different reality shows before. While filming the show, she met Blake Horstmann and in the summer of 2022, they confirmed they were in a relationship.

Since the show aired, Giannina has thrown herself into becoming an influencer and it seems to be going really well. She currently has 1.9 million followers on Instagram where she regularly shares travel, fashion and beauty content.

Zanab Jaffrey

Zanab had a whirlwind romance with Cole Barnett on Love Is Blind, which resulted in her leaving Cole at the altar. Since the show, Zanab has been enjoying vacations, spending time with her friends and various modelling gigs.

After the series aired on Netflix, Zanab debuted a new look and she seems to have left the show in the past. She is now working as a realtor in Texas, and has been since December 2020. According to her LinkedIn, Zanab was also a part-time spin instructor. Love that for her!

Once the full season was dropped on Netflix, Zanab was met with a storm of backlash, but despite this she said she is grateful she took part.

“Would I repetitively do it again? No. But I don’t regret Cole coming into my life. I don’t ever regret being that happy and in love with him at one point. To do it again would be so I could experience that high with him again, even knowing where it came to,” she told Variety.

Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy had a turbulent relationship with Bartise on Love Is Blind season three and it didn’t come as a surprise when he chose to leave her at the altar. Since the show, Nancy has remained friends with Bartise and she has well and truly moved on.

Nancy had a successful career before the show and has thrown herself back into her work, with an even bigger platform. The reality star said that after her season debuted on Netflix, her Instagram following went from 800 to over 500,000. Since then, her portfolio has only grown and she has worked with Smirnoff and BetterHelp, with some of her campaigns reaching up to $30,000.

In June 2023, Nancy soft launched her new man and seems to be thriving. While she hasn’t shown the face of her partner on social media, she has shared snippets. The first photo was of her waking up to a bouquet of flowers, and another of her holding hands with someone.

Jessica Batten

Jessica Batten had a wild ride on Love Is Blind season one, which ultimately led her to saying “no” at the altar opposite Mark Cuevas. After the show, Jessica found love with California-based foot and ankle surgeon, Benjamin McGrath.

Benjamin reached out to Jessica on Instagram after watching her on the show and the rest is history! The couple got engaged in September 2021 and got married a year later. In January 2023, Jessica announced she was expecting her first child with Benjamin.

In June 2023, Jessica announced she had given birth. “Meet Dax, June 9, 2023,” she wrote on Instagram.

Well I just love this for them!

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