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All the cast members who found love outside of the Love Is Blind experiment

Raven is yet to reveal the identity of her new man

While there are many success stories from those who take part in the Love Is Blind experiment, there are a fair few who don’t make it beyond the pods or the altar and are in new relationships.

For some of those to appear on Love Is Blind, they become overnight celebrities and have hundreds of thousands of followers wanting to know what their next moves are and their love lives, with many former cast members sharing their personal lives online.

With the next season of Love Is Blind arriving to Netflix in September, let’s take a look back at all of the former cast members and the new relationships they are in.

Giannina Gibelli

Giannina proved herself to be an icon on Love Is Blind season one. Giannina found love with Damian, but he later said “no” at the altar, leaving her embarrassed in front of her family and friends.

Since the show, Giannina has moved on and found love with Bachelor Nation alum Blake Horstmann after meeting on a reality TV series All Star Shore. In January 2022, the pair sparked relationship rumours after spending New Year’s Eve together and it was later confirmed they were dating.

In June 2022, the couple confirmed their relationship ahead of the release of All Star Shore. The pair have celebrated wholesome anniversaries and holidays together since being in a relationship.

“Nothing was forced,” Blake told Page Six about his and Giannina’s relationship. “That was one of the coolest things because I’ve been on some other shows where things aren’t necessarily forced but youre put in situations where they want a certain result.

“And for this, it was almost the opposite. It was like, ‘Stop, get away from each other. This is a competition show.’ So that was pretty fun, and it felt a lot more real and a lot more genuine, so I really enjoyed that.”

Jessica Batten

Jessica Batten didn’t have a very straight forward journey on Love Is Blind. After the show, Jessica found love with California-based foot and ankle surgeon, Benjamin McGrath.

Benjamin reached out to Jessica on Instagram after watching her on the show and the rest is history! The couple got engaged in September 2021 and got married a year later. In January 2023, Jessica announced she was expecting her first child with Benjamin.

In June 2023, Jessica announced she had given birth. “Meet Dax, June 9, 2023,” she wrote on Instagram.

Mark Cuevas

Mark wasted no time in bouncing back after Love Is Blind. Mark is now married and is a father of two. Mark got married to Aubrey Rainey in September 2022 after dating for three years. The couple have two children together, Ace and Axton.

Shaina Hurley

Shaina appeared on Love Is Blind season two and had quite the tricky time finding love. On the show, she initially had a connection with Shayne, but then got engaged to Kyle. They called off the engagement on the show, which viewers saw Shaina leaving Kyle at the couples’ retreat in Mexico. It was a big yikes moment.

In March 2022, it was revealed that Shaina had been dating Christos Lardakis since the show ended and were engaged. The couple got married in July of that year and had a gorgeous ceremony in Greece.

“I have found the one whom my soul loves,” Shaina captioned the post of her wedding day. Very wholesome!

Kyle Abrams

In April 2023, Kyle announced he was engaged to his girlfriend Tania Leanos after less than a year of dating. The couple went Instagram official with their relationship in November 2022, with Kyle sharing a video reel of their memories with the song She’s A Lady playing in the background.

Salvador Perez

Sal and Mallory found a connection in the pods and eventually got engaged but it didn’t work out as Sal turned Mallory down at the altar.

Sal is now dating actress, singer and dancer Jessica Palkovic from Chicago. Sal and Jessica met at a party in 2021 and hit it off almost instantly. Their relationship had its bumps as Jessica was due to set sail for a six month gig on Norwegian Cruise Lines, but they managed to stay together despite the distance.

“It was a long-distance relationship with a five-hour difference, so we would plan our days together,” she told The US Sun.

When they met up again, they moved in together and kept their relationship out of the public eye. Two months after being physically together, they filmed After the Altar Netflix special.

Raven Ross

In March 2023, rumours began to circulate online that Raven had a new man and it seems to be true! While Raven hasn’t posted a photo of her boyfriend online, the soft launches were enough for fans to find his Instagram.

Fans think her boyfriend is Christian Crosby, a well-known NBA personality. The first hint was a photo of Raven was taken in Philadelphia which is where Christian is from.

Another person in her Instagram comments claimed they saw Christian wearing that same outfit on the day the photo was posted. Raven also posted a photo in the Philadelphia 76ers stadium, where Christian is a host and where he also posted Instagram content in the same spot earlier that month.

Bartise Bowden

In July 2023, Bartise hard launched his new relationship with Cait Vanderberry. Bartise posted a clip featuring Cate to his Instagram, which saw the couple riding a scooter together, throwing footballs and exploring Dallas.

“He’s so happy,” a source told People of about Bartise’s new relationship, adding that Cait may be “it for him”.

Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy had a turbulent relationship with Bartise on Love Is Blind season three and it didn’t come as a surprise when he chose to turn her down at the altar.

Nancy has well and truly moved on and in June 2023 she soft launched her new man and seems to be thriving. While she hasn’t shown the face of her partner on social media, she has shared snippets. The first photo was of her waking up to a bouquet of flowers, and another of her holding hands with someone.

Paul Peden

As of June 2023, Paul is in a new relationship with business owner Geneva Dunham. Paul and Geneva have been travelling with one another and sharing their travelling moments on Instagram.

Geneva has been quick to shut down hate towards Micah on her Instagram profile. In the comments of one of her Instagram posts, Geneva wrote: “Hi everyone! It’s so heartwarming to read all of your kind words. As well intended as some comments may be, it’s been disheartening seeing our posts used to criticise other women.

“I’ve done what I can to restrict hateful comments but I encourage those who want to show support to do so without tearing anyone down. Thank you, we’re so excited to share more of our story.”

Marshall Glaze

Marshall instantly became an overnight celeb after appearing on Love Is Blind season four and is another cast member in new relationships. After viewers saw his relationship with Jackelina break down, Marshall revealed he was dating Dr Chay Burns. Chay works in labour and delivery and also created The Wellness Series, a self care portal for health and wellness inspiration.

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