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Harlan Coben net worth

With his hugely successful TV adaptations and 34 novels, just how rich is Harlan Coben?

He has had over 80 million books in print worldwide

Prime Video’s Shelter is Harlan Coben’s latest novel to be turned into a TV series and it has had everyone at the edge of their seats each episode.

Harlan Coben became a household name following several of his books being adapted into highly praised TV series on Netflix. The author currently has seven adaptations of his books on Netflix, with another set to release later this year. Some of his top series include The Stranger, Stay Close and Safe.

His first project with Amazon, Shelter, currently has three episodes out on the streaming site and many people have been wondering with all these TV shows, but rich is this man? Here’s a look at the net worth of author Harlan Coben, following his success.

What is the net worth of Harlan Coben?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Harlan Coben has an estimated net worth of $25 million. The 61-year-old has had over 80 million books in print worldwide and is the number one New York Times author of 34 (YES!) novels, according to his website.

His books have been published in 45 languages around the globe and is the creator and executive producer of several Netflix television dramas. Some of those include The Five, The Innocent and The Woods.

He was also show runner and executive producer for two French TV mini-series No Second Chance and Just One Look.

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