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They’re besties! Here are all the Lionesses who are literal friendship goals

Honestly their friendships are so wholesome, I just want to be part of it

It’s no secret female friendships are some of the most wholesome, uplifting and healing friendships you can have in your lifetime. After all, Dolly Alderton said “Nearly everything I know about love, I’ve learnt in my long-term friendships with women”.

England’s Lionesses are proof that the bonds you form with your female friends are the best, and I’m living for it. From TikTok dances, making friendship bracelets and getting matching tattoos, here are all of the Lionesses’ friendships that will make you wish they were your bestie.

Ella Toone and Alessia Russo have been besties for over 10 years

Affectionately known as Tooney and Lessi to their teammates, these two are absolute friendship goals. They spent three years playing for Manchester United together, and have been friends for the past decade, having met at an U-15s training camp.

They’ve seen each other through highs and lows, with Ella telling GQ: “Not many best friends can say that they’ve won the Euros together.” Their banter in interviews and on TikTok is unmatched, and it’s so nice to see their friendship thrive.

Rachel Daly and Millie Bright have matching tattoos

Rachel and Millie are another dynamic duo within the Lioness team. They’ve been friends from the day they met, hitting it off instantly, Rachel told The Mirror.  While out in Australia for the World Cup, the besties had their hands tattooed with matching “1/2″s to symbolise they’re not complete without each other.

They even own their own clothing brand together, called DalyBrightness Clothing. You know what they say: Friends who start a business together, stay together.

Esme Morgan made friendship bracelets for the team


Making bracelets for my @England teammates 🥰 #lionesses #fifawwc

Making bracelets for my @England teammates 🥰 #lionesses #fifawwc

Esme has spent her downtime in Australia making friendship bracelets for her teammates, as seen on TikTok. She’s made a variety of coloured bracelets, from a blue one for Alex Greenwood to a pastel one for Chloe Kelly, who gave Esme “creative license.” Now I really want someone to make me friendship bracelets.

Keira Walsh and Lucy Bronze have played for three clubs together

Barcelona and England teammates Keira and Lucy faced some of their club colleagues in the World Cup final against Spain. They told The Guardian about their running joke with their Barcelona teammates, texting them “We’ll see you in the final” throughout the tournament. Honestly, this competitive friendship is goals.

Mary Earps and Ellie Roebuck challenge each other as fellow goalkeepers

The two goalkeepers, playing for Manchester United and City respectively, actually don’t have a rivalry most people would expect. Ellie said that she and Mary have a lot of respect for each other, pushing each other to reach new heights, adding: “I think whoever plays will always want each other to do well which is a really nice thing to have.” It’s so nice to see how the Lionesses encourage each other, exactly as friends should.

Lucy Bronze and Jordan Nobbs have been friends since they were 12 years old


Jordan and lucy diary room pt.1 #lucybronze #jordannobbs #woso #lionesses #fcbfemeni #arsenalwfc

♬ original sound – Br★nzey

These Lionesses have been friends since the age of 12, and their relationship is so sweet. They played the 2015 World Cup together, and Jordan has said Lucy’s got “weirder and weirder” throughout their friendship, calling her a “genius”. The admiration Jordan has for her friend and her current Lego obsession is so cute.

Georgia Stanway and Keira Walsh love to annoy Lucy Bronze

Along with Leah Williamson, previous England captain, these friends make an iconic trio. They’ve called themselves “the three best friends (and Lucy)”, as they often rope Lucy Bronze into their antics. Their inner children come out when they’re together, but Lucy “gets sick” of them.

Keira and Georgia are ultimate besties, having both played for Manchester City before Keira moved to Barcelona.

Mary Earps makes TikToks with the team


WE HAVE ARRIVED IN AUS 🇦🇺 #FIFAWWC #lionesses #mearps27

♬ original sound – Laureen Uy – Laureen Uy

Mary’s TikToks throughout the World Cup feature a lot of her teammates. The tournament’s best goalkeeper is also a secret TikTok star, with over 900,000 followers. Some of her videos feature Millie Bright and Rachel Daly, although many other Lionesses have participated in her TikTok fame too.

Beth Mead gave Jordan Nobbs her ‘hat-trick shirt’

These two are another pair of friends within the England Lionesses team. They’re publicly proud of each other, celebrating their achievements together. During the group stages at the 2022 Euros, Beth scored five goals across three matches, and Jordan celebrated Mead’s talent, despite sitting the tournament out due to injury.

When Jordan couldn’t play, Beth gifted her with her “hat-trick shirt”, which she scored three goals in when the Lionesses played Norway in the group stages of the Euros. That’s such a lovely gesture, showing how close the bond these women have.

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