Tyson Fury ‘turns down’ the chance to film two more seasons of At Home With The Furys

The cameras following him and his family around 24/7 ‘took its toll’

Tyson Fury has reportedly turned down the chance to film a season two and three of his series At Home With The Furys, according to MailOnline.

The reality series has proved to be a hit with fans and a success on Netflix with it remaining in the top 10 spot since its release last week.

The heavyweight boxer has reportedly shut down proposals from Netflix about two more seasons of the series because he doesn’t want to be labelled a “reality star”.

via Netflix

A TV insider told MailOnline that the “intrusive nature” of the show and the cameras following him and his family 24/7 “took its toll”. Tyson had previously admitted he wanted to stop filming the Netflix series on a number of occasions.

“After retiring Tyson saw the Netflix show has a lucrative opportunity in place of the money he would have earned by taking on a fight,” an insider claimed.

“But the filming process was particularly stressful and coupled with the fact he’s now an active boxer again after coming out of retirement, he decided to put a series two on hold for the foreseeable future.

“There is hope within the streaming giant that it could be reprised but for the short term it is not something Tyson is considering.”

Netflix are said to still be keen to work with the family, in particular Paris Fury, following her being a natural on the TV and has been praised by viewers for supporting Tyson.

MailOnline also revealed that At Home With The Furys was originally meant to feature 10 episodes but it was cut short to nine.

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