They’re here! Meet the five couples in Netflix’s The Ultimatum season two

All the couples are about to face the ultimate test

Season two of The Ultimatum has dropped on Netflix as new couples get ready to face the ultimate test. Five couples are all in loving relationships yet are failing to work out whether they want to break up or get engaged.

Much like season one, one person in the couple issues an ultimatum and each couple embarks on a journey that could turn their relationship completely upside down. As new episodes are available to watch on Netflix, here’s everything you need to know about the couples on The Ultimatum season two.

Ryann and James

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Ultimatum giver: Ryann

Ultimatum receiver: James

Ryann and James have been together for seven years after meeting in high school. Over the course of their relationship, the couple have struggled with trust issues and the distance between them, due to James being a grad student, has put a strain on them.

Ryann gave James the ultimatum as she feels he should know whether or not he wants a future with her. However, James is hoping for financial stability before settling down and getting married.

Riah and Trey

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Ultimatum giver: Trey

Ultimatum receiver: Riah

Trey and Riah have also been dating for two years and now they are living together, Trey is ready to get married. While Trey wants a commitment like his parents’ 30-year marriage, Riah is convinced marriage is for her just yet.

Roxanne and Antonio

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Ultimatum giver: Antonio

Ultimatum receiver: Roxanne

30-year-old gave R0xanne, 31, the ultimatum after finding she was way more invested in building an empire than planning a wedding. The couple have had an on-again off-again relationship over the last four years and Antonio has always thought of Roxanne as wife material but she isn’t took keen on his lack of business ambition.

Lisa and Brian

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Ultimatum giver: Lisa

Ultimatum receiver: Brian

After two years of exclusively dating, Lisa is ready to be with Ryan forever. While Brian loves how Lisa motivates him to be a better person, he has concerns over her jealousy issue and her communication during arguments.

Kat and Alex

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Ultimatum giver: Kat

Ultimatum receiver: Alex

After matching on Hinge, Kat is ready to have a ring on her finger. The couple seemingly have a good relationship but do struggle to communicate with one another. Alex is concerned that Kat is too conflict-adverse and doesn’t often speak her mind.

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