The good, the bad and the ugly: All the Love Islanders’ outfits at festivals this weekend

Indiyah served and left absolutely no crumbs

With festival season involving elaborate and impractical outfits, overpriced food trucks and endless content opportunities you already know all our favourite Islanders aren’t going to miss out on a chance to attend. From absolutely iconic winged outfits (obviously worn by Dami and Indiyah) to sequins galore we’ve rounded up all the fits the cast of Love Island wore to festivals this summer.

Indiyah Polack

Via Instagram @indiyahhp

If there’s one thing Indiyah is always going to do, it’s give us the most immaculate fit we’ve ever seen. This incredible outfit was for the Notting Hill Carnival, and everything about it is iconic. Dami and Indiyah obviously coordinated and she also donned a pair of massive tropical looking wings for the carnival parade. Is there anything this woman cannot pull off flawlessly??

Dami Hope

Via Instagram @damihope

The other half of our favourite and most stylish couple to come out of Love Island, Dami matched Indiyah’s vibe immaculately. Wearing a bejewelled harness and belt, he paired the elaborate accessories with a pair of shorts to stay cool in the London summer heat. Imagine being as an iconic couple as these two.

Tyrique Hyde

Via Instagram @tyriquehyde

But why is this pose giving ‘my mum’s taking the picture’ vibes? Tyrique was also at Notting Hill Carnival and topping Indiyah and Dami’s outfits would be a tall order so let’s say he looks comfy and I appreciate that he’s making sure to stay hydrated.

Mitch Taylor

Via Instagram @mitcheltaylor_

Mitch was invited to the We Are FSTVL in London by PrettyLittleThing, although it looks like he forgot his outfit and had to rummage through a local secondary school’s PE lost and found to come up with this outfit. Taking the picture in front of the slightly wind battered PLT fences really brings the whole look together honestly.

Kai Fagan

Via Instagram @kaifagan_

Love Island winners Kai and Sanam were also spotted at Notting Hill Carnival, with Kai wearing a Jamaican football shirt in this adorable pic. Kai is of Jamaican heritage and proudly showed off his country with his shirt choice.

Sanam Harrinanan

Via Instagram @sanamiee

Sanam wore a vibrant two piece orange outfit that you just know made a very aesthetically pleasing sound when shaken. Like Kai, Sanam proudly showed off her heritage by having the Trinidad and Tobago flag painted onto her face.

Antigoni Buxton

Via Instagram @antigoni

Trust Antigoni to come through wearing a crocheted two piece for a festival event, or just any event ever. She was at Notting Hill alongside other influencers and did pre-drinks at home by skillfully pouring tequila straight into her mouth without any lemon or anything – she would have been an absolute demon at uni.

Samie Elishi

Via Instagram @samieelishi

Samie got the memo and coordinated with the PLT sign at We Are FSTVL, and in the most aesthetic festival pic ever taken there’s even a rainbow above her? She topped off the look with a pair of black cowboy boots and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this exact look on freshers up and done the country in a few weeks.

Jessie Renee Wynter

Via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

Love Island bombshell Jessie was also invited by PLT to We Are FSTVL, and wore a classic Love Islander fit complete with corset and a very Barbie-esque pink fan. Although, considering the weather in the UK I have a suspicion the fan was for the vibes rather than the heat.

Millie Court

Via Instagram @milliegracecourt

Millie and Liam both attended the wholesome Latitude Festival together, and I bet Millie was glad she wore the cowboy boots with that big hay bale right there! Got to say, a playsuit to a festival is a bold choice which Millie clearly agreed with saying in her Instagram caption, “reminder: don’t wear a playsuit to a festival.”

Liam Reardon

Via Instagram @liamreardon1

The chokehold bucket hats have on Liam is like nothing I’ve ever seen, in one day this man changed his bucket hat three different times. Three?! The only thing I have to say about this outfit is that those shoes are 100 per cent not going to be that colour by the end of the night.

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