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We asked ChatGPT for a uni packing list and it’s absolutely unhinged

Adding an inflatable T-Rex costume and bubble wrap suit to my IKEA basket as we speak

It’s finally September which means it’s time for everyone’s favourite part of the year, uni room shopping!

There’s nothing we love more than a massive IKEA or B&M haul filling our trollies with the most pointless crap that we’ll probably never use but makes our rooms look cute.

We’ve already had a uni essentials list from PrettyLittleThing, John Lewis and Urban Outfitters this year, but what do you really need to take to uni?

After asking ChatGPT for each Russell Group University’s stereotype and it absolutely violating all of them (it literally called the Exeter girlies “Cornwall Weekend Warriors”) what does AI think you need to take to uni to fit into these stereotypes?

We asked ChatGPT for a uni packing list and it’s so unhinged:

Now, at first, ChatGPT just hit me with some of the most boring and basic things on the planet. Like how am I going to forget my bedding or my laptop? It did however suggest that a microwave was absolutely essential though so make of that what you will.

So, determined to get something a little more interesting, I asked ChatGPT for the random bits and bobs you might normally forget and it did not disappoint.

‘Rubber Duck Debugging Companion’

“Sometimes, explaining your coding issues to a rubber duck can help you solve them.”

Kicking off the ChatGPT uni packing list strong, the first thing it suggested was a rubber duck that you can explain all your coding problems to. How wholesome. I’m sure coding issues will be the last thing on most students’ minds but good to be prepared I guess.

‘Pizza Box Laptop Case’

“Keep your laptop safe and declare your love for pizza simultaneously.”

I’d just sit in my seminars staring at this and it would make me hungry.

‘Inflatable T-Rex Costume’

I think what it was hinting at here is Wednesday night sports socials because I’ve definitely dressed up in an inflatable T-Rex costume before.

‘Desktop Punching Bag’

“Take out your frustrations in a lighthearted way.”

If my flatmate had a punching bag on their desk I’d be running away, fast.

‘Bubble Wrap Suit’

“Stay stress-free by wearing bubble wrap to pop your worries away.”

Kinda rate this one not going to lie. Keeps you safe from falling over and who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap?

‘Scented Candles in Weird Scents’

“Bacon-scented candle, anyone?”

Guaranteed there isn’t a single uni halls in the country that actually lets you have candles in your room, probably even more so if you’re lighting a BACON scented one.

‘Fake Moustache’

“Instantly transform yourself for themed parties or when you need a disguise.”

Thank GOD ChatGPT told me to bring my fake moustache.

‘Silicone Food Face Lids’

“Turn your meals into adorable characters”

So cute and quirky x

‘Unicorn Slippers’

Via Temu

“Keep your feet cozy and mythical at the same time.”

Nah I refuse to believe that you’re not a 12-year-old child prodigy who has come to university six years early if I catch you wearing unicorn slippers at uni. I don’t care how cozy and mythical they are.

‘Mini Fridge with Cookie Dough Stock’

“Late-night baking sessions are more enjoyable when the dough is ready to go.”

I was about to berate adding both a mini fridge and cookie dough to a uni packing list but honestly? I reckon a nice bit of cookie dough would have saved several dissertation-related breakdowns at uni.

‘Talking Backpack’

“Engage in intellectual debates on the go.”

Alright Dora the Explorer.

‘Voice-Changing Megaphone’

“Make announcements in style or just have a laugh with friends.”

Just know that if you’re bringing a voicer changing megaphone to uni, everyone in the vicinity of your flat is going to hate you.

‘Portable Disco Ball’

A disco ball

Via No Revisions on Unsplash

“Transform your room into an instant dance party.”

Okay but this would actually be sick for flat parties. Adding one to my Amazon basket as we speak.

‘Giant Inflatable Chair’

“Create a unique seating area that’s sure to be a conversation starter.”

Mum, I’m not going to make any friends if I don’t have a giant inflatable chair!

‘Bed-making Robot’

“Never worry about tidying up your bed again”

This would be a bit of a lifesaver though I can’t lie.

‘Singing Toilet Paper Dispenser’

“Your bathroom breaks become mini concerts”

Urban Outfitters already said that an LED disco toilet roll holder is an essential and now ChatGPT is saying that you need one that SINGS. I’ve had enough.

‘Backup Snacks for Your Snacks’

A girl holding two packets of crisps

“Because sometimes your snacks need company too.”

I couldn’t agree more, ChatGPT.

‘Disguise Kit’

“Because sometimes you just need to go incognito around campus for mysterious reasons.”

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt here it’s that if ChatGPT went to a Russell Group uni, it’d be getting up to all sorts of mischievous behaviour because it absolutely LOVES a costume.

‘Pet Rock’

“A low-maintenance and conversation-starting roommate.”

Well, if you don’t make any friends at uni at least you’ll still have your pet rock!

‘Penguin Tuxedo Onesie’

“For when formal occasions collide with comfort.”

An outfit for every occasion here! Catch me rocking up to my winter formal in a penguin tuxedo onesie.

‘Fog Machine Alarm Clock’

“Wake up to a mystical morning every day”

And rounding up the ChatGPT uni packing list is a fog machine alarm clock. I guess if you can’t peel yourself out of bed for your 9am then this would do the trick. Also might give you lung problems. Living life on the edge.

Featured image before edits via Markus Spiske on Unsplash. 

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