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Emily Smith
Bournemouth University

News, universities, student stories and lifestyle, campus culture, higher education, Taylor Swift, Gilmore Girls and TikTok trends.

  • Emily is currently a Staff News Writer at The Tab. She is an expert on universities, higher education and campus culture having been Editor in Chief of a local Tab team whilst at university. You can reach her at emily@thetab.com
  • Earlier this year, Emily was awarded Highly Commended for The Hugh Cudlipp Student Journalism Award for her interview with a York student who was stalked by her driving instructor.
  • Emily has broken a number of university scoops that have been picked up by multiple national publications.


Emily Smith joined The Tab UK in the summer of 2023 after finishing her master's degree. At university, she joined The York Tab as a student contributor in 2020 before going on to become Editor in Chief for two years.


Emily graduated from The University of York in 2022 with a BA Honours in English and History. She then went on to study for an MA in English literature.


The Tab's journalism is brought to you by young reporters who like being first. On university campuses, our writers deliver local news you care about. At The Tab HQ, our experienced journalists write about everything from breaking news to politics to pop culture to TikTok trends to the latest entertainment and celeb gossip. Our aim is to deliver sharp, original, and agenda-setting journalism to young people. All our stories are fact checked and sources verified. Further information on our editorial policies and processes can be found here.


Uh oh, this optical illusion tells you if you’ll have good luck or the worst year yet

Excited for my worst year ever!!

Fix the One Day-shaped hole in your heart with these adorable new behind the scenes pics

Leo Woodall keeping us FED right now

From Wonka to Saltburn: Every time Oxford and Cambridge Unis have been used for filming

Okay but imagine ‘loaning’ your halls room to Jacob Elordi

These are the fancy private schools sending the most students to Oxbridge in 2024

Eton isn’t actually top!

One Day: Dex and Em’s full handwritten letters are here, and I’m crying all over again

My life is infinitely better now I know what Dexter’s handwriting looks like

Choose your heartbreak! All the crazy parallels between One Day and Normal People

Dex’s signet ring vs Connell’s chain

‘We had natural chemistry’: Everything Ambika Mod has said about playing Emma in One Day

She shared her favourite line which was cut from the show

Oxford Uni chaplain who compared sex offenders to ‘puppies needing training’ given welfare role

He asked one student assault victim if they were ‘aware of the effect they had on men’, but has now secured a post at another college

‘It was a gift’: Everything Leo Woodall has said about playing Dexter in One Day

Crying at him calling his own character ‘a tit’

It’s official, these are the state schools sending the most students to Oxbridge in 2024

One of them gets more Oxbridge offers than Eton

All the glaring plot holes you missed in One Day that will now annoy you forever

I can never look at the show the same again

These are the subjects you need to study at Oxbridge to more than double your grad salary

In one subject, studying it at Oxbridge over any other uni will get you £47k more per year

One uni has already made its own version of The Glasgow Wonka experience and it’s chaos

They even had their own sad Oompa Loompa

The full Wonka experience script is in, and it’s more chaotic than we ever thought

‘Then from the shadows, a figure emerges, cloaked in mystery and malice – The Unknown!’

Wait, it turns out The Simpsons predicted the Glasgow Wonka carnage over 30 years ago

They even had our sad Oompa Loompa queen!

People are getting mugged off by a Tesco voucher which adds a vibrator to your basket

Every little helps!

Stuck in a Kate Middleton rabbit hole? The all-time wildest Royal Family conspiracy theories

Remember when everyone thought the Queen was reincarnated as Trisha Paytas’ baby??

Stop crying over your single jelly bean and laugh at these 26 Wonka experience memes

It’s a wild time to be on the internet right now

Guys stay calm, but everyone is convinced Gypsy Rose Blanchard is pregnant right now

Her husband posted a photo of him with his hand on her stomach

‘It’s embarrassing’: The Oompa Loompa from the Wonka experience has finally spoken out

She still hasn’t been paid for the event

Man who played Wonka in Glasgow Willy Wonka ‘experience’ speaks out about the chaos

He was told to give each kid one single jelly bean

Oxford University College offers students a Halal menu option but it includes… red wine

One student said she was ‘sadly not surprised’ at the mistake

You can only call yourself a TV expert if you can spot all 40 of these iconic telly moments

Finally putting your niche reality TV knowledge to the test!

As if we’ve not cried enough, One Day’s screenwriter just revealed MORE hidden symbolism

English teachers lapping this up as we speak

Cheers! These are the Russell Group universities where students spend the most on nights out

Finally a league table Oxford isn’t at the top of

Everything we know about Maddy, Dex’s new girlfriend who is mysteriously cut from the show

Both One Day’s book and film gave Dexter a new girlfriend after Emma

One Day’s creative director reveals how they initially shot two endings for the show

You’re telling me this NOW??

This is what Emma would have looked like in old age if One Day’s ending was different

Just delusioning myself that this is real rn x

Wait, does this TikTok catch Paul Mescal in the act of running away from one night stands?

Training for my Paul Mescal marathon even harder rn

This viral maths puzzle is supposed to be ‘easy’ but it’s left everyone flummoxed

Resitting my maths GCSE as we speak

These cute Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod off-screen moments prove they’re besties in real life

They both have nicknames for each other

Revealed: These are officially the druggiest UK universities in 2024

A Tab survey found 90 per cent of students at one uni admitted to doing drugs

This hidden symbolism you missed in One Day makes the ending even more gut-wrenching

David Nicholls you will be paying for my therapy

Two of Emma Watson’s lecturers at The University of Oxford have successfully sued the uni

Emma Watson studies on Oxford’s creative writing course

Um, people got caught having tent sex in The 1975 queue, and now my eyes hurt

Someone listened to their song ‘Sex’ a little too hard

There’s a hidden meaning in these bed shots of Emma and Dex, and it’s adorable

Just when we thought we couldn’t love them anymore

Everything David Nicholls, author of One Day, has said about the TV show adaptation

He said Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod are ‘wonderful together’

One Day: All the differences from the book that I honestly wish I’d never found out

Dex and Tilly sleep together in the book??

A group of students are suing their university after it scrapped its black history course

They have hired lawyers due to ‘racial discrimination and breach of contract’

These are the Russell Group universities where students are most addicted to vaping in 2024

A Tab survey found 56 per cent of Russell Group students are addicted to vaping

Buckle up, this viral cow maths puzzle has truly fried everyone’s brains

The maths is not mathing right now

One Day’s Leo Woodall said he had a ‘horrible experience’ filming up Arthur’s Seat

I’ll never watch this scene the same again

Just 14 vibey One Day behind the scenes pics that will make you love the cast even more

I would drop everything to be mates with them

Teresa Smith, known as Queeziel0cthevoice for singing on TikTok, has died

She was known for her ‘although enjoyment’ Billie Eilish covers on TikTok

Guys, this is your PSA that the Gogglebox icons will be reacting to Saltburn tonight

Seated for Jenny and Lee screaming at the grave scene

Not getting your nine grand’s worth? These are the stingiest Russell Group unis in 2024

I am begging you to replace my halls mattress

A cheeky look inside The LinkedIn profiles of The Apprentice 2024 candidates

Can’t believe none of them have fishcake crumble listed as a skill

Explained: Steven Bartlett’s real connection to *those* Huel adverts you see everywhere

The ad fails to mention he is on Huel’s board of directors

These are the Russell Group unis with the most overcrowded lectures and seminars in 2024

You’re just taking one for the team when you skip that pesky 9am

One Day: What is St Swithin’s Day and why is it so symbolic in the show?

The way this has broken my heart a million times more

What’s occurring?? Ruth Jones says Gavin and Stacey return is ‘sadly a rumour’

I am literally so confused

How do you play Are You There Moriarty? The weirdly posh game from One Day

Catch me whipping this out at my next pres

You’ll forever be single if you can’t work out this Valentine’s Day optical illusion

This just made me crave Love Hearts tbh

Guys, TikTok’s new ‘Take the man out of the city’ viral sound is sung by Joe Keery?!

Not THE Steve Harrington soundtracking all the TikTok girlies

The unis where students are most addicted to vaping in 2024, and what their habits are

A Tab survey found 57 per cent of students are addicted to vaping

These seven Russell Group universities just got named as the best in the world right now

No prizes for guessing which came top

One Day’s Ambika Mod has spoken out about filming THAT heartbreaking box room scene

Sending my therapy bill to the people who made this show

Explained: What the Home Office international students cheating scandal is actually about

Lawyers have likened to the Post Office scandal

Stop trying to read Travis Kelce’s screaming lips and laugh at these 23 Super Bowl memes

Still deluding myself that Justin Bieber might perform x

Snore! These are officially the most boring grad jobs of 2024, so you know what to avoid

It’s a bad day for the finance bro you regrettably shagged in Freshers’

Guys, apparently what you see in this optical illusion tells you your ‘hidden brain power’

Adding that I have hidden powers to my CV x

Mother of student stabbed to death at a uni campus makes tribute to ‘kind’ and ‘loving’ son

She also warned against other students using knives

From Edinburgh Uni to Greece: All of the stunning real-life filming locations of One Day

This made me wanna study at Edinburgh so badly

Student sentenced to life in prison after stabbing another student to death at a uni campus

Kwabena Osei-Poku was murdered in April 2023

This ‘woman in a boat’ riddle is going viral on TikTok for scrambling everyone’s heads

Not the picture of Einstein on there just to rub it in

Only girlies with mild childhood trauma will get these ‘card declined at therapy’ memes

Don’t mind me just sending the bill to my high school friendship group

So, people are rinsing Oxford students for dancing at a ball and it’s low-key really mean

A Ceilidh is a huge part of Scottish culture

Um, a grad dressed up as Jacob Elordi in Saltburn wearing a full-on inflatable bath on the tube

Barry slurping VK out of the costume not pictured

Revealed: These are officially the trickiest Oxbridge courses to get a spot on in 2024

Brb changing my entire degree just to get the chance to wear a silly little gown

Girl says she can’t make an 8am meeting at her new job because she has a workout class

One person came for her saying ‘You just started this job, I don’t give a flying sh*t about your workout class’

The Apprentice’s Dr Asif said ‘Have you ever met a beautiful feminist?’ in resurfaced video

His company also shared a number of tweets by Andrew Tate

The woman from *that* viral window video has shared the real story behind the flashing

She also wet herself while she was upside down

Um, what is happening on TikTok right now? Here’s why all your videos are now silent

Sounds by Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Olivia Rodrigo have all been removed

This is where all the cast of The Apprentice 2024 went to university and what they studied

Of course we’ve got some netball girlies in there

Prove you’re a faithful by solving this The Traitors optical illusion in under 20 seconds

This fixed the Claudia Winkleman shaped hole in my life x

These are the UK unis everyone is obsessing over right now, based on Wikipedia views

As if Oxford needed more bragging rights

The new ‘legging legs’ trend is so toxic that videos are now being removed by TikTok

It’s as grim as it sounds

Revealed: These are officially the grad jobs that will be hardest to secure in 2024

Now’s looking like the perfect time for a panic masters

Inside The Traitors winner Harry’s party where he played Murder on the Dancefloor on repeat

He spent the first £2k of his winnings on drinks

‘I regret it’: The girl who claimed to be Madeleine McCann FINALLY speaks out about it all

Julia had everyone shook last year when she was completely convinced she was Maddie

Harry from The Traitors has just addressed the rumours about his relationship with Mollie

Mollie also said he promised her a holiday

This is what Paul Mescal actually licked off Andrew Scott’s chest in All of Us Strangers

‘It was actually quite tasty’

Harry from The Traitors has promised Mollie a holiday after betraying her in the final

I would be demanding a world cruise if someone stole £50k off me tbh

Oxford University Vice-Chancellor with £232k salary says grads should be donating to their uni

Was my £9k a year not enough!

One of The Traitors contestants has already set up a Cameo and of course, it’s queen Diane

Brb gonna ask what her favourite brand of fizzy rosé is

Explained: This is what the Russell Group admissions scandal is actually about

A Times investigation found international students are being accepted onto A* requirement courses with D grades

From famous girlfriends to babies: A look inside the love lives of The Traitors cast

Still not over Harry dating Conor Maynard’s sister

So, there’s another huge plot hole in Fool Me Once and Harlan Coben says it’s ‘obvious’

I’m either really stupid or this is just not obvious

Inside Evie from The Traitors’ wholesome life and relationship with wife Kayleigh

Not everyone only starting to obsess over her at the final hour

A ranking of all The Traitors challenges from snooze fest to Diane’s funeral level iconic

Charlie’s ‘FOR BRISTOL’ redeemed most of these tbh

These are the most popular Oxbridge subjects people are desperate to get onto in 2024

Catch me applying for the most niche course to secure the bragging rights

One year on from her ‘manic episode’ on TikTok, Gabbie Hanna is back as a Zumba teacher

Last year she concerned fans after she posted 140 TikToks in less than 24 hours and let a stranger into her house

Guys, a student on TikTok has found a hack for free Circuit Laundry and my life is changed

Student bank accounts everywhere crying with happiness rn

A student who ‘joked’ about blowing up his plane on Snapchat is now on trial over it

The message read: ‘On my way to blow up the plane’ and caused two Spanish fighter jets to be sent out

Last year’s The Traitors contestants have predicted this year’s winner and I’m fully shook

‘I do think Andrew is gonna win’

These are the easiest Russell Group universities to get an unconditional offer from in 2024

And there you were suffering through your A Levels for nothing

Is your uni IN right now? The official most popular Russell Group universities of 2024

Bit awks for Oxford and Cambridge

Student terrorised flatmate by chasing her with a knife and pouring vodka in her eyes

The ‘unhinged’ St Andrews student also set fire to his flatmate’s room

Everything Zayn Malik has been up to, from dad duties to getting run over at Fashion Week

He started his own mocktail brand called Mixoloshe

Ranked: These are officially the most oversubscribed Russell Group universities

If you want to boost your ego about actually getting in

A man has been arrested for stalking Taylor Swift outside her apartment in New York

He allegedly tried to break into her apartment with flowers

Wizards of Waverly Place is coming back! A look at the wild cast transformations 17 years on

Max had a GLOW UP

Named and shamed: These are officially the whitest Russell Group universities in 2024

On average, Russell Group unis are 65 per cent white

From shock son reveal to camp funeral: Diane from The Traitors’ most iconic moments ranked

‘But Ross is’ has changed culture forever

Two of Emma Watson’s lecturers at Oxford are suing the university for unfair dismissal

The lecturers also compared their situation to the Post Office scandal

RIP Diane: Wipe your tears and enjoy these The Traitors memes from last night’s masterpiece

Our queen got the state send off she deserved

So, it turns out Apple has a rule where villains in movies and shows can’t have iPhones

The way this is going to spoil every single show you watch now

Brace yourself, this optical illusion will tell you if you’re a loner or if you crave love

Alexa play All By Myself

This is the insane amount Lindsay Lohan got paid for her one-scene cameo in Mean Girls

Cursing my parents for not forcing me to be a child star

These are officially the filthiest UK uni cities, so please go wash your crusty bedding

Nah refusing to believe Newcastle is the cleanest uni

Attention film girlies! These are the uni cities where a cinema ticket costs you the most

Imagine having to fork out over 15 quid to see Saltburn

Stop slurping on your huge cup for a sec and enjoy these 13 ‘This was my Stanley cup’ memes

Nothing tasted better than water out of those Maccies Coke glasses

Matthew Perry was honoured with an emotional tribute at the Emmy Awards last night

They played an acoustic version of I’ll Be There for You and I’m not ok

Just 21 celebs Gypsy Rose Blanchard now has more followers than since leaving prison

Not her having more followers than actual Hillary Clinton

Omg, Harry Styles was nearly cast as Glen Coco in the new Mean Girls movie, says director

We really missed out on the cameo of the century

23-year-old heir to £230 million pie company fortune accused of stabbing best friend to death

Dylan Thomas has been charged with murder after his housemate William Bush was stabbed on Christmas Eve

Okay but, who is Josh and why is he all over your feed right now? Josh memes explained

It’s Josh o’clock somewhere!

As 10 year olds raid Sephora, these 11 things were our generation’s version of Drunk Elephant

Need an EOS lip balm just to feel something again

Russell Group student stalked lecturer and booked registry office for their imaginary wedding

He also printed out pictures of her six year old son and called himself her ‘husband’ and ‘dear slave’

Inside Paul from The Traitors’ life when he’s not backstabbing everyone on the telly

His girlfriend is an influencer

Omg, Gypsy Rose Blanchard has already bought baby clothes for future kids with husband Ryan

Baby Blanchard!?

Oxford uni called ‘patronising’ for job advice despite banning its students from working

Oxford’s policy on part-time jobs reads: ‘Term-time employment is not permitted except under exceptional circumstances’

Students from two Oxford colleges are throwing Saltburn themed parties this term

One of them is Felix and Oliver’s actual college from the film

What is the sleepy girl mocktail on TikTok? The viral drink giving people ‘insane sleeps’

On a mission to find tart cherry juice rn

People are calling out Gypsy Rose Blanchard for being ‘egotistical’ and ‘milking’ her story

‘She’s loving the attention’

It’s all over TikTok, so where did the ‘Oh that’s not…’ Kelly Osbourne trend come from?

She is never living this down

Stanley cup craze explained: Why everyone is going feral for a water bottle right now

An expert said: ‘What people are buying is a sense of belonging’

So, Gypsy Rose Blanchard now wants Millie Bobby Brown to play her in a movie about her life

‘I think she would be so good at playing me’

This is the real reason why Gillian Anderson wore THAT iconic dress to the Golden Globes

So Jean Milburn of her

From red carpets to ice skating: Inside Gypsy Rose’s New York trip with husband Ryan

Welcome to New York (Gypsy’s Version)

Erm, people on TikTok are trying to cancel Stanley cups for apparently giving you wrinkles

Why can’t we have anything nice?

‘She’s all about girl power’: Everything Gypsy Rose has said about loving Taylor Swift

Her favourite song is Karma!

‘Thanks it’s Depop!’: These are the UK universities with the most Depop and Vinted girlies

AKA the skinny scarf uni ranking

Only people with the ‘sharpest vision’ can spot the odd orange in under four seconds

Heading to Specsavers rn

We asked a psychologist why everyone is so obsessed with Gypsy Rose Blanchard right now

It comes from a ‘desire to understand the human psyche in extreme circumstances’

Who is Harry from The Traitors? The 23 year old army engineer dating Anna Maynard

His girlfriend is the sister of Jack and Conor Maynard

The most shocking revelations you should know from the new Jeffrey Epstein court documents

Names mentioned include Michael Jackson, Stephen Hawking, Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio

The Traitors is back! Prove you’re a faithful and laugh at these 22 first episode memes

All hail queen Diane

One month on, here’s what Gypsy Rose Blanchard has been up to since leaving prison

She just got the cutest new puppy!!

Gypsy Rose Blanchard net worth: The insane amount she’s worth now she’s out of prison

Get that bag!

Students at University of Oxford housed in four-star hotels due to a lack of accommodation

One of the hotels costs up to £150 a night and has an indoor pool and spa

Rishi Sunak called ‘evil’ for boasting about new changes to international student visa rules

‘First day of the year gleefully announcing splitting up families is crazy to me’

Where is Nicholas Godejohn now? Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s ex convicted of murder

He was charged with the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard in 2018

So, apparently if you get the answer to this TikTok riddle right then you’re a psychopath

Pass me the handcuffs!

The grad who went viral for crying about working a nine to five has just lost her job

‘To go through the whole hiring process again is actually going to kill me’

Who is Ryan Anderson? Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s husband who she married in prison

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released from prison yesterday

Can you actually pass this 2023 British Citizenship Test? You need 75 per cent to live here

Sorry but in what world is the ‘Act of Habeas Corpus’ common knowledge??

Plan a uni night out and we’ll tell you whether you went to private school or not

If you have Whispering Angel for pres then I’ve got some bad news for you

Only people with the highest IQs can spot the hidden light bulb in this optical illusion

I have been staring at this for what feels like 32 years

Jude Law is hot, but it’s time to talk about these five glaring plot holes in The Holiday

You’re telling me his five-year-old daughter has a phone??

So, apparently Harry Styles went to someone’s uni halls and cleaned their flat for two hours

He was reportedly ‘appalled’ at how dirty it was

From Oxford to Newcastle, this is where all the Love Actually cast went to uni

Of course the guy playing our Prime Minister went to Oxford

The most painfully expensive private schools in the UK, for all you rahs in training

Eton doesn’t even make the top five!

Grab your tinsel because these are the most festive Gilmore Girls episodes of all time

Just wanna spend Christmas in Stars Hollow is that too much to ask

Sparkle and shine: I was one of the kids in Nativity and this is what it was actually like

The graduate said Mr Poppy used to play hand games with them between filming

Where is Mason Ramsey, the kid who went viral for yodelling in a Walmart now?

He did a stint working at Subway

So, people are just realising that Matt Rife once fully went for the Walmart yodelling kid

He mocked the 12-year old’s birthmark

A professor at the University of Oxford has told students to use ChatGPT for essays

The economics students were told AI ‘should help you produce a much better essay’

‘I’ve always liked making money’: Every revelation from Lydia Millen’s podcast interview

Talking to Grace Beverley, she said cancel culture is ‘out of hand’ and ‘destructive’

Guys, stay calm but Netflix has finally revealed the date for Bridgerton season three

It’s coming in May!

Here’s how to get the creepy AI photo expander filter that you’re seeing all over TikTok

Can it expand my uni deadlines please x

Zara forced to apologise and remove ad campaign after being accused of ‘mocking Gaza’

Zara said it ‘regrets’ any ‘misunderstanding’

Oxford students forced to sleep in queues for over 24 hours to sign uni accommodation

‘It was absolutely freezing, I’m wearing three jumpers right now’

BBC denies allegations of antisemitism on University Challenge due to octopus mascot and Palestinian flag colours

‘We utterly condemn the abuse that has been posted and shared’

Flatcest and crusty toothpaste: The 28 signs you are the uni housemate from hell

If you do any of these then I’m afraid you’re the problem

Eggs thrown at Jewish students and Star of David ripped from neck in attacks at St Andrews

One student said: ‘It’s worrying. I think a lot of Jewish students don’t really feel supported through this’

An ultimate ranking of all of Harry Styles’ hair eras to help you get over his baldness

Hairless Styles is not the one

This map shows which UK areas have the most Oxbridge students and the north-south divide is real

Students in the south are twice as likely to get into Oxbridge as northern students

Zac Efron said he would be ‘honoured’ to play Matthew Perry in a biopic about him

‘I looked up to him, I learned comedic timing from that guy’

Ok, so who is singing in the new John Lewis Christmas advert 2023?

Why does it sound like the Go Compare man

Guys, the John Lewis Christmas advert is FINALLY here – but it’s a big flop

Where’s the cheesy cover song at?

Academic weapon! These are the uni degrees employers want the most, based on job ads

English lit isn’t anywhere on here, soz

From Madonna to Lady Gaga: All of the celebs who dropped out of university and why

I too would drop out if I was offered a multi-million pound acting career

This student had to drive 1,000 miles from Windsor to Aberdeen to take her driving test

It cost over £150 in petrol because she couldn’t get a slot near her

Harry Styles is now BALD so enjoy these 18 memes while you mourn the loss of his hair

Not Harry Styles without any hair to style!

Think you’re Oxford material? These are the most insane Oxbridge interview questions ever

‘What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you were an ant?’

Explained: What is the invisible string theory on TikTok and where did it come from?

I have literally never felt more chronically single

Ranked: All of Lorelai’s boyfriends and romantic interests in Gilmore Girls

Big red flag if you’re a Christoper fan

Guys, the grandad who ate paint thinking it was yoghurt has died and I’m not okay

His granddaughter confirmed he passed away in a statement on Instagram

Feel like your degree is useless? Here are all the celebs with pointless uni degrees

I’m sure Cole Sprouse is really glad he studied geographical information systems and satellite imaging

Grace Beverley responds to allegations of her ‘illegal ad practices’ with her brand TALA

Another TikTok alleged that TALA ‘isn’t actually as sustainable as it wants to seem’

Uh oh! These are officially the Russell Group universities with the worst lecturers

Awks that Oxford and Cambridge are up there

Shoot your shot! These are the easiest Russell Group universities to get into in 2023

Liverpool applications skyrocketing rn

Introducing The Greggs Uni Guide: Unis ranked by number of Greggs within a mile of campus

First came The Good Uni Guide, then came The Tab’s Greggs Uni Guide

Olivia Rodrigo has a new boyfriend and it’s the guy from Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge

Apparently they’ve been ‘inseparable’

These are the Bake Off contestants who have gained the most Instagram followers so far

I would literally die for Saku

‘Too little too late’: Parents of students who have died by suicide criticise government plan

‘They’re just waiting for the bodies to stack up before they fix anything’

Charli D’Amelio called out for ‘cosplaying as working class’ for pretending to work at Walmart

She has an estimated net worth of $20 million

These are all the Russell Group universities where staff can still have relationships with students

Staff-student relationships are permitted at 18 Russell Group universities

From Twilight to Glee: All the celebs you forgot began their careers in Gilmore Girls

Not the High School Musical and Gilmore Girls crossover

Got £64k lying around? These are officially the UK’s best private schools in 2023

Some of these literally have their own art galleries

Uh oh! These are the uni degrees where you’re most likely to cheat on your partner

Shocked and upset computer science students are up there

Revealed: This is what percentage of Oxbridge students actually went to private school in 2023

Tories in training!

Omg, this girl sacked off uni to work on superyachts and says it’s just like Below Deck

Brb dropping out of uni now

The plot thickens: So, it turns out Lea Michele’s ‘illiteracy’ runs in her family

Her great-grandma was arrested for not being able to read or write

Sorry but Pumpkin patches are not only basic, they’re the biggest scam going

I fear this is all Zoella’s doing

Wait, people on TikTok are convinced that Taylor Swift is actually a secret spy novelist?

This might actually be too much of a coincidence

Not to alarm anyone, but the John Lewis Christmas advert is out TOMORROW

This year’s ad is called ‘Traditions Grow’

We asked ChatGPT for the best student Halloween costumes and they’re so 2012 it hurts

It literally suggested dressing up as an emoji and I’m upset

These students dressed up as Molly-Mae, Tommy and Bambi Fury for a night out and I’m obsessed

She even has Elly Belly!

Here’s how to do the new staircase TikTok trend that tells you how close you are to death

Some people literally just got a door so RIP I guess

Oxford student found escort waiting in their room booked by the university

The student found a ‘woman sitting on [their] bed in a lingerie robe’ in their hotel room

Influencer Grace Beverley criticised for asking followers to buy her products to fund her wedding

She apparently has an estimated net worth of over £8 million

What, like it’s hard? These are the toughest subjects to get into at Oxbridge in 2023

One course only accepts 4.6 per cent of all the people who apply

Stay away! These are the unis where the most students are infected with Freshers’ Flu

Which uni has the biggest chorus of annoying coughing in lectures?

Accept it: Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones are secret soulmates and here’s the proof

This is every sad girl’s Roman Empire

Boo! These are officially the most haunted UK unis in 2023, based on ghost sightings

There have been 59 ghost sightings at one UK uni

Attention pickpocket! The uni cities where you’re most likely to have your phone stolen

I’m switching back to a Nokia brick after this

Rugby boys and the cleaning rota: Just 19 uni things that are none of my business

The hygiene rating of my fave kebab shop has nothing to do with me!

Omg, Ekin-Su is speaking in a debate about influencers at The University of Oxford

As she should!

Named and pictured: The Just Stop Oil students trashing your uni campuses this week

There have been Just Stop Oil protests at 10 UK unis so far this week

If the Gilmore Girls characters went to Russell Group unis this is where they’d go

Kirk would break a record for going to every single uni in the country at once

Is YOUR uni next? All the uni campuses that Just Stop Oil has hit so far this week

No uni is safe from the orange paint!

Revealed: These degree subjects see the most students drop out over mental health

On average, 278 humanities students drop out because of their mental health per year

Nap time! These are officially the most sleep deprived uni degrees in the UK

Sleepy girl era is CANCELLED for architecture students

Breaking: Holly Willoughby officially QUITS This Morning after 14 years

Read her statement in full

The Russell Groups where students are the least happy with their uni’s mental health services

Today marks World Mental Health Day 2023

We asked ChatGPT how to make friends at uni and it’s safe to say you’ll be billy no mates forever

The main takeaway? Start as many campus flash mobs as you physically can

These are the worst Russell Group Students’ Unions in 2023, according to students

Uh oh – a third of Russell Group students think their SU is doing a bad job

Student forced to drop out after their university was unable to fund a sign language interpreter

The Brighton student said: ‘It’s devastating. I’m trying to remain strong and positive and just try to fight it as best I can’

So, some Oxford Colleges actually have a chalet students can visit and it’s big Tory vibes

Rah Bartholomew are you coming to the College chalet this year?

Man arrested over plot to kidnap Holly Willoughby: Here’s what we know

A man has just been charged with ‘soliciting to commit murder and incitement to commit kidnap’

Introducing girl ethics: The twin sister of girl maths that sums up all female friendships

‘I’m only wearing heels if you’re wearing heels’

This year’s most stunning uni room transformations that will put your dingy room to shame

Tell me why my room had silverfish and mould and some people have THIS

Stop itching for a second and enjoy these memes about the current bed bug hell

Apparently, the UK could be heading towards a huge bed bug invasion

Um, Suella Braverman stood on a guide dog so here are the best memes about Suella de Vil

Not her issuing an apology to all dogs

Think you’re smart enough? These are the easiest subjects to get into at Oxbridge in 2023

Applying for music at Oxford just for bragging rights really

Confirmed: easyJet owner easyGroup is actually suing the band easy life over their name

‘For those you that bought gig tickets and ended up on a budget flight to Tenerife, I apologise’

Katie Hopkins is speaking at the Oxford Union this term and shock, no one wants her

She’s going to be debating… veganism?

As she should! Taylor Swift is so important you can study her at these six universities

Enrolling for Swift studies at Queen Mary NOW

Hi Barbie! All the Russell Group unis ranked by just how many girlies study there

Imperial College London is just the equivalent of Barbie land apparently

These 11 UK universities just got recognised as some of the best on the planet

Your bog standard Russell Group might not make the cut here

Omg, ChatGPT can now give you up to date answers and is no longer limited to info from 2021

Uni lecturers are quaking right now

Um, TikToker Elphaba has bought a card machine and is charging fans a fiver for a selfie

She made over £65 at a Bristol student club night from photos with people

Oxford College asks students to sleep on mattresses in shared rooms due to RAAC in halls

Not really the Oxford dark-academia dream you signed up for is it?

Circuit Laundry made £3.6 million in profit from students washing their smelly socks last year

The company directors made £435,000 EACH in 2022

‘Exhausted and useless’: The marking boycott has now delayed some students’ loans

Students at UWE in Bristol received their student finance payments late due to missing grades from the marking boycott

So, the reviews are in for Millie Bobby Brown’s new book and they’re pure savage

‘It was hot – the kind of heat that makes you yearn for the weather to cool down’ is genuinely one of the first lines

Okay but, who even is Russell and what is his Group? The Russell Group, explained

Apparently it’s named after a hotel?

Omg, next week’s strikes have been called off at 89 universities in the UK

Peak for the 42 unis that are still striking though

417 pills and 236 grams of ket: Here’s exactly which drugs police seized at Leeds Festival 2023

It was a big year for weed confiscations

Nine people were arrested for sexual assault at Leeds Festival this year

In one case, someone was arrested over the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl

A nation in mourning: The most heartwarming TikToks from Wilko workers now it’s gone

Get me to the Llandudno Wilko leaving drinks now

Get that bag: These are the universities churning out the most CEOs in 2023

Basically just sack off the Russell Group

These are the best unis for every single subject, according to The Times Good Uni Guide

It’s a great day to be studying land and property management at Cambridge

STI-riddled unis: The university cities with the most cases of gonorrhoea

The government has issued a warning about cases among students

The rugby boy and the group chat obsessor: 18 types of people to avoid this Freshers’ Week

Stay away from the person who starts chants on the bus to the club

The whitest universities: The Russell Groups with the fewest ethnic minority students

Only 4.2 per cent of students from one university are from ethnic minority backgrounds

The Times Good Uni Guide is here! These are officially the best universities in the UK

Oxford isn’t actually top for once!

Fill your basket! What where you do your pre-uni shop says about your overall vibe

If you get all your uni stuff from John Lewis you definitely own a matching Le Creuset set

Uni halls denies making inappropriate comments to student who couldn’t afford rent

‘It is not our fault that you are unable to pay the amount of rent charged and that you do not come from a high-earning household’

A fireplace and a literal piano: Inside the fanciest uni room in the UK

Of course it’s at Oxford

Grants and free food: Everything UK unis are doing for students in the cost of living crisis

More than one in four universities run food banks for students

The Russell Group universities with the highest dropout rates, revealed

Around 390 students drop out of one Russell Group uni each year

It’s officially Gilmore Girls season! A look at the wild cast transformations 23 years on

Sorry but Logan has aged like fine wine

Strike a pose: These are 2023’s most Instagrammable UK universities

Not a sad grey concrete building in sight

Debunked: Are disposable vapes actually going to be banned in the UK from next week?

Say goodbye to your beloved blue razz lemonade… soon

We got ChatGPT to write Taylor Swift song lyrics and honestly, I can see this as her next single

‘Eternal Echoes (ChatGPT’s version)’

All of the easter eggs you might have missed in Olivia Rodrigo’s new album GUTS

Apparently ANOTHER song is also about Taylor Swift??

Ranked: These are officially the 20 best universities in the UK right now

Brb, applying to St Andrews and finding myself a prince

Ka-ching! These are the degrees you need to study to earn the highest grad salary in 2023

Sacrificing any self worth I have and switching to a Computer Science degree

Omg guys! The university marking boycott is officially over

We’re actually going to get our dissertations back!?

Five days of strikes have been confirmed at 140 UK universities for the start of term

UCU has released the exact dates starting this month

Want to romanticise your life? Here are the most boujee uni libraries in the UK

Catch me scrolling TikTok and doing no work in absolutely every one of them

This girl made a full on skirt out of Barbies for a festival and my jaw is on the floor

She bought the Barbies in a bundle from Vinted

RAAC: The first instances of dangerous concrete have been identified at these UK universities

St Andrews Student Union Club will be closed for Freshers’ Week

Here’s what happens in season three of Bridgerton based on the books

Omg, it ends with the entire ton finding out who Lady Whistledown is

We asked ChatGPT for a uni packing list and it’s absolutely unhinged

Adding an inflatable T-Rex costume and bubble wrap suit to my IKEA basket as we speak

Many students at Oxford will no longer be able to receive parcels to their colleges

Parcels will be delivered to a depot a mile out of the city and redirected to the colleges via cargo bikes

Dead rats and urine: Inside the worst university initiation scandals of all time

Students who take part in toxic initiations could be jailed for torture

Omg, Paul Mescal was spotted bouncing around in a mosh pit at All Points East Festival

I fear I would simply pass away if I was there

Just 10 bank holiday festival moments that sum up how strange British people are

Reading and Leeds really is just a massive GCSE Results Day celebration

In pictures: The masses of rubbish and tents abandoned after bank holiday festivals

‘This is just a fraction of it – littering on the grandest scale we’ve ever witnessed’

This uni has introduced a three-day working week to ‘sit around students’ lives better’

The uni in Leicester hopes this will allow students to get part-time jobs

Plan a bank holiday weekend and we’ll tell you which Russell Group uni you should go to

If you’re off on a girls trip to Italy you’re 100 per cent an Exeter girlie

Urban Outfitters has released a uni essentials list and it’s as try-hard as you’d expect

Oh thank god, I don’t know what I would have done without my Sylvanian Families at uni

Meet Queenzziel0cthevoice, the woman singing ‘Although enjoyment’ all over your TikTok


Quiz: Do a food shop and we’ll tell you which Russell Group uni you should actually go to

If your basket is full of Sabra hummus then you’re definitely an Exeter girlie

John Lewis has released its uni essentials range and it’s the most middle-class one yet

Arabella darling you forgot your essential 60 quid soup maker!

Down it fresher! The university cities where students spend the most money on booze

On average, UK students spend over £30.96 a month on alcohol

These are the uni cities where students get the most money from mummy and daddy

UK students get an average of £321.15 from their parents each month

‘Self-victimisation and lies’: Rodger Cleye responds to sexual harassment allegations

‘Thanks for not jumping on the hate wagon’

Welcome freshers! Here’s your exact uni stereotype, according to the students who go there

Yes, Sheffield students do make Arctic Monkeys their entire personality

You can’t sit with us: The UK’s coolest unis right now, according to Google Trends

Spoiler alert: York is OUT

All the Russell Group universities with strikes that could affect you in September

Strikes were not on my uni packing list

Famous TikToker Rodger Cleye accused of sexually harassing a 19-year-old

Olivia McCraw claims he tried to kiss her and sent her videos of him in the bath

Um, so apparently Kate Middleton was at Houghton Festival this weekend?!

Wonder if she whipped the gun fingers out at The Quarry

This tweet sums up how brutal Oxbridge freshers have it compared to other unis

On their first day at uni, one Cambridge Professor said: ‘You don’t have time to be unwell here’

Confirmed: Unis will be hit with more lecturer strikes before the end of September

The marking boycott will also continue

The Russell Group universities with the fewest spaces in Clearing for UK students

Two unis are only accepting international students through Clearing

Crystal meth and a proposal: All the feral antics that went down at Boomtown 2023

So, someone rubbed their own vom in their teeth

All the things OG YouTubers convinced us to buy and whether they stood the test of time

My crusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer really has been through it

A rundown of the most boujee student halls in 2023, if you’re feeling fancy

These rooms put your dingy little room to shame

Explained: What is happening on Oxford Street today?

A post calling for a mass robbery at JD on Oxford Street is circulating on TikTok

Ranked: The grad jobs that will get you the biggest salary straight out of uni

I need a job in Private Equity ASAP

It’s okay to not be ready to leave uni: Why you should do that panic master’s

I feel so much more ready to be an adult

Dear politicians, singing Barbie and Taylor Swift won’t make us forget all you’ve done

You’re not fooling anyone

Heartstopper season three is confirmed! Here’s what happens next based on the books

Omg Nick gets another dog

All of the ways Heartstopper season two is different from the books

My king Isaac doesn’t exist in the books!

Ranked: These are the wettest university cities in the UK

Because it won’t stop bloody raining!

Girls are sharing what they did to their old Barbies and I won’t be sleeping tonight

THIS is how some of your Barbies are kicking about in Barbie Land

Ranked: The university cities where it’s going to be hardest to secure a bed

According to new research, London has a shortage of over 106,000 student beds

We asked ChatGPT for each Russell Group uni’s stereotype and some are genuinely offensive

It called Exeter students ‘Cornwall Weekend Warriors’

So, it turns out the ‘Attentzione Pickpocket’ woman is a councillor for a far-right party

Lega Nord is anti-immigration, anti-abortion and against LGBT marriage

Oxford University advises students to ‘make sure your friends are in your debt’ in bizarre post

Coming from a uni which has produced over 153 millionaires

Adidas has actually renamed Gazelle trainers to ‘Satellite stompers’ in honour of Harry Styles

Getting myself a pair right NOW

Scouting for Girls will be headlining Uni of York’s Summer Ball this year

Getting my stuffed olive costume ready

Meet the York student who has written her dissertation on EastEnders

‘I got to watch a lot of EastEnders which is always going to be a good time’

We spoke to @imjustyork about what it’s like to run a uni meme page at York

‘We love sports, clubbing and cheap Hull Road Co-Op deals’ was all they could reveal about their elusive identity

How Long Boi went from humble beginnings on York’s campus to international fame

Rest in Pond, legend

A York club night is giving 20 per cent of profits to the RSPCA in memory of Long Boi

You can also get a free shot if you have a picture or video of you feeding Long Boi

‘Farewell magnificent ducko’: York students fear Long Boi has sadly died

‘RIP Long Boi. You were the best duck to ever have lived. We salute you’

Long Boi confirmed missing as Uni of York says he hasn’t been seen in ‘a few weeks’

Has anyone broken the news to Greg James yet?

York students express concern for Long Boi as rumours spread about his wellbeing

Long Boi has not had a confirmed sighting in over a week

Applications to join The York Tab’s editorial team are now OPEN

Applications close Sunday 30th April

Labour leader Keir Starmer is visiting The University of York today

Starmer is visiting student paramedics at York

Omg, filming for the new season of The Crown is happening at York Minster this week

Don’t mind me camping outside the Minster so I can meet young Prince Wills x

York student found guilty of a public order offence after throwing eggs at King Charles

Patrick Thelwell has been found guilty at York Magistrate’s Court

Demonstration as York student arrives at court after eggs thrown at King Charles

The court heard that Patrick Thelwell said: ‘I threw eggs at him because that’s what he deserved’

A York student got a Long Boi tattoo in Portugal with the Uni’s Volleyball Club

‘I do not recommend getting a tattoo whilst violently hungover and sleep deprived’

Derwent College is being demolished over complaints it’s an eyesore

Vice Chancellor Charlie Jeffery said: ‘We are hoping this will be a fresh and exciting start for life here at York’

Meet the York student who used ChatGPT to get out of a £60 parking ticket

She asked the AI to ‘please help me write a letter to the council, they gave me a parking ticket’

A water shortage in York tonight has forced many pubs and clubs to shut

Salvos and Ziggys will be closed tonight

Meet the York student who’s just started a BBC podcast to discuss her eating disorder

‘The Weigh Up’ features guests such as Dr Alex George

The next two weeks of strikes at Uni of York have been called off

This is to allow for a ‘period of calm’ after a breakthrough in negotiations

Here are the best solo date ideas for York students this Valentine’s Day

‘Tis the season of loving yourself!

Strikes Day Two: Everything that happened at the York Uni picket line today

‘Staff really are at breaking point and it worries me’

Reported ‘machetes’ near York halls turns out to be ‘two men playing with light sabers’

North Yorkshire Police said: ‘We are just very pleased that there was no threat to anyone’

All the reasons why you should join The York Tab immediately

Not at all biased x

York student pleads not guilty to threatening behaviour after eggs thrown at King Charles

Patrick Thelwell will now face trial in April

In pictures: Flooding in York as River Ouse 4.14 meters above normal levels

Seven flood warnings have been put in place across York

University of York staff set to strike for 18 days this term

Over 70,000 staff at 150 universities will be striking