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This was my Stanley cup

Stop slurping on your huge cup for a sec and enjoy these 13 ‘This was my Stanley cup’ memes

Nothing tasted better than water out of those Maccies Coke glasses

We’re not even a full month into 2024 and the world has collectively gone mad over a cup. We’ve seen people queuing outside overnight for the limited edition Stanleys, people jumping over counters to steal them, people selling them for thousands of pounds and people buying bags and accessories all for a bloody cup.

You might be a massive Stanley girlie and if so, good for you. But you might also think they’re criminally ugly and unchic, or have cancelled them for giving your wrinkles. But one of the biggest parts of the Stanley cup revolution is the meme “This was my Stanley cup” with people sharing all the things they used to drink out of and be obsessed with.

So, here are 13 ‘This is my Stanley cup’ memes to enjoy while you guzzle gallons of water from your humongous cup:

The world was a better place when you got mugs with your Easter eggs

No but a drink never tasted better if it was in one of these bad boys

Get out the fancy cups we have guests!!

Very Zoella core

Perks of having the most basic name in the world was always finding your name on these

I can still SMELL these

Everything tastes better in the New Moon cup x

You can guarantee Joe Jonas owns one of these

Kinda need this

This is an elite vessel at pres though

This or the Eras Tour cinema cups

Omg year two party core

These had been erased from my memory until now

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