TikTok AI photo expander filter

Here’s how to get the creepy AI photo expander filter that you’re seeing all over TikTok

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TikTok has had some pretty cool filters go viral over the years including ones that imagine you when you’re old, ones that turn your pictures into a 90s yearbook photoshoot or more morbid ones like telling you how close you are to death. But if you’ve been procrastinating your entire life by scrolling on TikTok for the last couple of days you will have probably seen the AI photo expander filter that everyone’s using right now.

The filter basically gets your regular photos and uses AI to kind of zoom them out and extend them, adding in a fake background or extra people to your picture and they’re all quite creepy to be honest.

So here’s how to get the AI image expand filter that’s all over your TikTok right now:


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• Open up TikTok

• Go to the search bar at search “AI expanded images”.

• Press the button at the top that says “CapCut Try AI Expand template”

• Then press “Use template in CapCut”. You’ll need to have CapCut downloaded onto your phone first.

• Once you’re in CapCut, press “Use template” and pick up to six photos that you want to use from your camera roll.

• Press preview and voila you should have your creepy AI extended pictures.

• Once you’re happy with your pictures you can press export to TikTok which will take you straight back to the app and you can post your video.


Some people are saying the filter doesn’t appear when they search it so if that’s the case then you can try applying it through another video. To do this just search AI expanded images as normal, clicm on another video using the filter then go from there.

Featured image via TikTok.

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