Gypsy Rose Blanchard net worth

Gypsy Rose Blanchard net worth: The insane amount she’s worth now she’s out of prison

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So last week, Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released from prison after serving eight years behind bars for the murder of her mother Dee Dee Blanchard in 2015. 

Dee Dee Blanchard suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy meaning for years she forced her daughter Gypsy to pretend she was suffering from leukaemia, muscular dystrophy, and various other serious illnesses. She put her in a wheelchair, shaved her head, and was fed by a tube without being ill. 

One of the most high-profile criminal cases, ever Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s story has obviously led to a number of documentaries and dramatisations, which have all contributed to her overall net worth. 

In prison, she revealed that she spent all her commissary money given to her by her dad on buying every single Taylor Swift album. But how much money does she have now she is out of prison? 

What is Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s net worth now she’s been released from prison? 

It is estimated that Gypsy Rose Blanchard has an overall net worth of $3 million (just over £2.3 million) as of 2023.

This is likely a result of the number of documentaries and TV shows made about her case which she has appeared in as well as book deals. Documentaries include Mommy Dead and Dearest and TV show The Act.

The Act is a 2019 Hulu mini-series dramatising the pilot of Gypsy Rose’s story. In the show, Gypsy Rose is played by Kissing Booth actress Joey King. All of these shows have likely contributed to her now massive net worth after leaving prison. 

As well as this, Gypsy has a new book and documentary coming out this month. Her new book titled “Released: Conversations on the Eve of Freedom” will be released on the ninth of January. Gypsy has described this as a “collection of interview transcripts, journal entries, illustrations, and photos.” As well as this, a new documentary “The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard” will be released on the 5th of January.

Since leaving prison, Gypsy Rose has also gained over five million followers on Instagram, as well as over six million on TikTok. meaning she will also be making money off her social media accounts. 

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