Stingiest Russell Group unis

Not getting your nine grand’s worth? These are the stingiest Russell Group unis in 2024

I am begging you to replace my halls mattress

Every single time your sweet sweet student loan drops in your bank account, one thing you always forget is the debt slowly racking up against you for the silly little PowerPoint slides you pay for in lectures.

But do you ever feel like you’re unis being a bit stingy? Like you’re not actually getting your nine grand’s worth? Maybe you’re forever searching for a seat in the library or your lectures are super overcrowded. Or maybe your halls bedroom looks like it hasn’t had a fresh lick of paint since your parents were at uni.

But which Russell Group university is spending the least on its students? The Guardian’s 2024 University Ranking scores universities out of 10 based on their spending per student. From this, we can work out 2024’s stingiest Russell Group unis.

It’s no shock that splashing out on each and every Hugo and Arabella, Oxford University is at the top of the list with a perfect score, closely followed by Cambridge. But at the other end, Birmingham is the most stingy, only getting a 4.2 out of ten on spending per student.

So these are officially the stingiest Russell Group unis in 2024:

24. University of Oxford – 10

23. University of Cambridge – 9.9

22. London School of Economics – 8.9

21. Imperial College London – 8.7

20. University of Edinburgh – 8.2

19. King’s College London – 7.9

18. University of Manchester – 7.7

17. University of Liverpool – 7.4

16. University of Bristol – 7.4

15. University of Leeds 7.3

14. University College London – 7.3

13. University of York – 7.2

Stingiest Russell Group unis

12. University of Warwick – 7

11. Newcastle University – 6.4

10. Cardiff University – 6.4

9. University of Southampton – 6.2

8. University of Durham – 6.2

7. University of Nottingham – 6

6. University of Sheffield – 5.7

5. University of Glasgow – 5.3

4. Queen Mary University of London – 5

3. University of Exeter – 4.7

2. Queen’s University Belfast – 4.6

1. University of Birmingham – 4.2

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