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The Apprentice 2024 LinkedIn

A cheeky look inside The LinkedIn profiles of The Apprentice 2024 candidates

Can’t believe none of them have fishcake crumble listed as a skill

LinkedIn is a strange, strange place. And with how hopeless this year’s cast of The Apprentice is (fishcake crumble!!) their LinkedIns are gonna be even more strange. These people are supposed to be the finest minds of the business world so I’m very curious to see what wonders await for us on their profiles. So, here’s your sneaky little look into the LinkedIn profiles of the 2024 cast of The Apprentice.

Samantha Saadet

The first thing listed on Samantha’s profile is that she’s a contestant on The Apprentice. Classic. Her bio reads: “Helping busy mums in business look after themselves too!” As an online fitness coach, she has her services listed as “team building” and “life coaching”.

She’s a big big LinkedIn poster and last week after the cheesecake episode posted a photo with a glass of prosecco and a cheesecake with the caption: “Anyone for a mango mojito mini cheesecake?? 🥭🙋🏼‍♀️ So who watched the second episode of The Apprentice tonight?? 🫣😘” Queen!

Tre Lowe

Our guy Tre is boujee and pays for LinkedIn Gold! His profile says that he’s an award-winning musician alongside a mentor and wellness advocate. In a video posted to his profile, he says his favourite inspirational quote is: “If you can’t fly, run” from Martin Luther King, which he has tattooed on him.

Also, his profile says he went to The University of West London from 1996 to 1999, making him at least in his late 40s!! I would literally say early 30s at most! His profile also flexes all the newspapers he’s been featured in including BBC, ITV, GB News, The Sun, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, The Mirror and Huff Post. Because where else other than LinkedIn can you do a humble brag?

Asif Munaf

Dr Asif has recently been called out for anti-semitism and misogyny. Today, it was reported that the show has cut scenes with him in after the allegations and he will be leaving after tonight’s episode.

According to his LinkedIn, he is a “Doctor, speaker and coach”. You can book video appointments with him from his profile and he also has a link to his time on Dragon’s Den when he was told his “Thinking is completely wrong in terms of your brand”.

According to his LinkedIn, he is a “Doctor, speaker and coach”. You can book video appointments with him from his profile and he also has a link to his time on Dragon’s Den when he was told his “Thinking is completely wrong in terms of your brand”.

Posting about last week’s episode (yikes) he said: You live and you learn. Task two, different approach. Grateful I’m still in. I gave it my all in the task and boardroom. It’s all about passion, willingness to step forward and work ethic. I feel like I did all of that on Task 1 and Lord Sugar saw that in me. Hope I can prove him right. Task two, different approach.”

Amina Khan

Amina’s LinkedIn profile says: “Fully qualified pharmacist in the UK since 2014. I have previous pharmacist manager experience in three different community pharmacies. In conjunction with this, I worked as a teacher practitioner at UCL School of Pharmacy. I also have locum experience.” She doesn’t post much on LinkedIn but has her skills listed as advertising, pharmaceutical studies, pharmacy, entrepreneurship, management and team leadership.

Noor Bouziane

Noor hasn’t put a whole lot of effort into her LinkedIn profile, to be honest. It lists her as a company owner at Lux Lumier, her premium jewellery company as well as her being on this season’s Apprentice. She only has 20 connections. Might try my luck with a connection request then!

Raj Chohan

Raj’s header being about two pixels is probably the most boomer thing I’ve ever seen. Her profile says she is an “Experiences Financial Services Director, FCA Authorised Mortgage Broker & Best Businesswoman Award Winner.” Her profile also describes herself as a superfan of The Apprentice so honestly good for you, queen.

Dr Paul Midha

His logo is giving Yves Saint Laurent. Paul has over 500 connections wowing over his posts all about dentistry. His profile reads: “Practice owner at VICI Dental in Leeds, Associate Dentist at Square Mile Dental Centre in Central London, Northern Coordinator for the Smile Dental Academy in Manchester, Lecturer for Elevate and Aligner Alchemy, Elite Invisalign Go provider, Partner in Expert Media and Highly Commended at the Dentistry Awards 2021.” Paul is also super popular with over 500 connections.

Phil Turner

The Apprentice 2024 LinkedIn

The last remaining pie king has enough effort to pay for LinkedIn gold but not enough to add a cover photo! His profile says he is the owner of Turner’s Pies Ltd. He recently posted a picture of himself right before he went into his audition for The Apprentice with the caption: “This is where I sat right before my first audition for this year’s Apprentice.
I remember a strange mixture of emotions. The overwhelming feelings were scared, intimidated, anxious and worried. I recognised this feeling, it’s not the first time I’ve felt this, nor will it be the last.”

Foluso Falade

The Apprentice 2024 LinkedIn

Foluso has 331 connections and is another boujee one with LinkedIn Gold. Her bio reads: “Experienced project manager with a passion for empowering the next generation through financial literacy and moneymaking skills. Embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey to teach teenagers and bridge generational gaps through impactful public speaking. Eager to leverage my diverse background and insights gained in my 20s to inspire and educate.

“Let’s connect and explore opportunities for collaboration and positive change.” She went to Leeds Beckett from 2016 to 2020.

Rachel Woolford

The Apprentice 2024 LinkedIn

Here I was complaining about the lack of cover photos when our Rachel doesn’t even have a profile pic! Rachel’s profile says she is an owner at North Studio, her yoga studio in Leeds. She recently shared a clip of a podcast she featured on where she said: “Competition is healthy… it stops you from becoming complacent and makes you stay on top of your game.” Classic motivational speaker talk. Rachel graduated from Newcastle for economics and management in 2017.

Flo Edwards

The Apprentice 2024 LinkedIn

Not Flo being online as I write this! She’s a founding director of Hathor Talent, Posting about the launch of her company, she said: “I’m delighted to announce the launch of Hathor Talent, an Executive Search & Interim Management recruitment business focusing on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion within Finance for Private Capital Portfolio Companies. Having taken a career break earlier this year to rest up before life gets busy again, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has stayed in touch; I’m really looking forward to working with you all finally!

A second thank you to everyone who has helped me get up and running; I’ll be singing your praises in due course 😉 If you’d like to hear more, fancy a coffee to catch up, you’re looking for a new role or want to ensure diversity is at the forefront of your next finance hire, please get in touch!”

Jack Davies

The Apprentice 2024 LinkedInJack is a sales and recruitment director. His bio reads: “Experienced sales and recruitment director with a proven track record of developing and leading high-performing teams.” He actually used to work as a model from 2012 to 2014 until he moved into business and entrepreneurship. According to his profile, he took a planned travelling sabbatical from 2015 to 2016 where he moved to Spain and then travelled to Australia and Southeast Asia. Gap yah vibes.

Maura Rath

Maura is a yoga teacher and her profile has a link to join her 30-day yoga challenge of live virtual lessons. Her bio is very chatty so I now feel like I’m mates with her. It reads: “Hey there, I’m Maura, and my journey with yoga is all about sharing the incredible joy and life-transforming benefits that I’ve personally discovered. When you join my classes, get ready for a burst of energy, positivity, and humour, all set to an amazing soundtrack.

“In my classes, we dive deep into both the asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing). I firmly believe that yoga is for everybody, and I’m here to guide and adjust your practice, no matter your body type, ability, or age, with personalized asana modifications.

“My yoga journey began in 2011, and it quickly became my ‘Moving Meditation,’ bringing balance and clarity to my life. Now, my dream is to share this gift with others and bring the transformative power of yoga back to Ireland. Now fast forward to 2024 I run 2 companies, I am a podcast host and so much more. Follow and connect and join me on this incredible journey! 🧘‍♀️🌟 #YogaWithMaura.”

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