Card declines at therapy memes

Only girlies with mild childhood trauma will get these ‘card declined at therapy’ memes

Don’t mind me just sending the bill to my high school friendship group

People love full-on trauma dumping on the internet. And the newest trend that you’ve definitely seen all over your TikTok and Twitter timeline is just the newest version of that. Seriously, I can’t open either app without just being severely called out by my 15-year-old self.

Right now, everyone’s timelines are full of people going “when your card declines at therapy” followed by naming something that just gave them actual trauma. But the trend has also left a load of people really confused. And honestly, that probably just means you’ve got good mental health, in which case I’m so happy for you.

So, what do the ‘ when your card declines at therapy’ memes actually mean?

Basically, the trend is just about naming things that gave you severe trauma, you know, like your first-year uni flatmates or the one best friend you had as a teenager who you fell out with for literally no reason. They’re all put into the scenario of when you’ve just finished a therapy session and your card declines so you can’t pay for it so the therapist tries to undo everything you worked on in therapy by bringing the thing out that gave you all the trauma.

When you go to therapy, you talk through all the things from your past that have affected you. So if your card were to decline, the memes are naming all the things that the therapist would bring back to reverse all the work you did in therapy.

 So here are the best ‘when your card declines at therapy memes’ to laugh at through your tears:

I think about this at 3am when I can’t sleep


Okay but I’m guilty of willingly inflicting this on myself


This show had me BROKEN im thinking of reading the book #normalpeople

♬ original sound – edits

I have never had an original experience

Please no

Nah this is getting too much


Why even go there🧍🏾‍♀️… #carddeclined #therapy #fyp#askedoutasajoke #trauma #insecure

♬ remember you – Dominurmom

I do NOT know her

Stop these are getting so dark


sorry this is too funny not to post #08 #fyp #evey1luvsiz

♬ remember you – Dominurmom

I am BEGGING you no

All of a sudden I’m 13 again


no thx. i’ve grown.

♬ remember you – Dominurmom

Not the Aquarius

Lockdown trauma


if you know you KNOW

♬ remember you – Dominurmom

The embarrassment

Genuinely why do I look like that

And it’s definitely a Phoebe Bridgers song isn’t it

I would never recover

Not the failed talking stage


#isaiahyee #fyp

♬ remember you – Dominurmom

Spiralling into an existential crisis rn

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