All the glaring plot holes you missed in One Day that will now annoy you forever

I can never look at the show the same again

One Day has been out breaking hearts for three weeks now and we’re all still reeling from THAT ending. We’ve been picking out all the hidden symbolism that just makes us cry even more and have been obsessing over all the adorable behind-the-scenes moments of the show’s cast.

But some people have watched the show in A LOT more detail than the rest of us and have noticed some glaring plot holes amongst all the heartbreak.

So, in case you had a suspicion that a couple of things weren’t quite right, these are all the major plot holes you missed in One Day:

The London skyline has buildings that didn’t yet exist

One Day plot holes

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In episode three it’s 1990 and Dex and Em have a picnic on Primrose Hill in North London. But two of the buildings that can be seen on the skyline don’t yet exist. The Triton Tower can be seen in the distance but this was not built until 2012, 22 years after the episode was set. Similarly, Osnaborough Street, a 20-storey block of flats can also be seen but this wasn’t built until 2009.

It features car models which were not yet invented

One Day plot holes

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When Emma is working as a teacher, she has an affair with the married headteacher of her school. But the car he drives, a Ford Mondeo MK2, wasn’t made until 2000 and this scene is set in 1995. They tried to cover up the mistake by sticking another reg plate on the car which suggests it was made in 1991.

More car discrepancies, the van Emma’s drama group tours in episode two wasn’t made until the mid-90s when the episode was set in 1989. Set designers put a C plate on it to suggest it was made in the late 1980s.

The wine glasses in Greece are completely wrong

One Day plot holes

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In episode three, Emma and Dexter go to Greece together, on the island of Paros. They have a meal out and Dex drops the bombshell that he always knew Em had a crush on her whilst sharing a bottle of wine. But if they were really having a meal out in Greece in 1991, the wine glasses would be completely different. Set designers apparently chose far too delicate and large glasses for that time and, instead, people eating out in Greece would have drank from shorter and thicker wine glasses. Woopsies!

The menu prices are all wrong for the era

One Day plot holes

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I think the producers of the show must have been blindsighted by the current economic hell we live in because the menu prices when Emma goes on a date with Ian are way, way too expensive for the time. A specials board behind Emma advertises a salmon dish for £22 and a fillet of steak for £28, prices that would have been far too high, even for London, in 1992. With average prices at the time, a salmon dish would have cost roughly £8 and a steak would have been around £13. Take me back to 1992, please.

Emma’s clothes were often too modern

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Something that a lot of people have pointed out, Emma’s clothes throughout the show are quite often too modern for the actual time period. The main one people have pointed out is the iconic yellow top Ambika wears in the very first episode set in 1988. A lot of her clothes look much more suited to the modern day and not 40 years ago.

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