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From famous girlfriends to babies: A look inside the love lives of The Traitors cast

Still not over Harry dating Conor Maynard’s sister

Remember the secret relationship reveal we had on The Traitors last year and how everyone went FERAL for it? It really was the blueprint reveal for Diane and Ross’ big reveal this season. The Traitors might not be a dating-based show, but the relationships drama is still top-tier.

Obviously, we’ve had no other big relationship reveals this season, but that’s because a lot of them are actually in adorable relationships outside of the castle.

So here is a look inside all the relationships of The Traitors season two cast:


Harry is currently dating Anna Maynard, sister of singer Connor Maynard and YouTuber and former I’m a Celeb contestant Jack Maynard. She is also a CBBC presenter and has over 329,000 subscribers on YouTube. They’ve been dating since 2022 when they went Insta official.


Evie has been in a relationship with her wife Kayleigh Deane since at least February 2021. They have two rescue dogs together and are always climbing up mountains and going on adventures. In December 2021 Evie proposed to Kayleigh up a mountain in the Scottish Highlands.


It might look like Mollie is very cosy with Harry but she also has a boyfriend. Mollie is with Max Backwell and has been since 2021. They’ve been on lots of holidays and festivals together and last night he posed a soppy message on Insta saying: “You’ve captured the hearts of everyone but you’ve always had mine”.


The ultimate villain Paul is in a long-term relationship with influencer Kate Waldron. She currently has over 129k followers on Instagram. They live in Manchester with their dog and son who they had together in 2022.


Although they keep their relationship fairly private, Ross is currently dating creative producer Rima Shah. Earlier this week she posted on Insta where she spoke about Ross’ time on the show: “I’m so proud of you despite you being a bad faithful and an even worse traitor.”

Ross commented on the post: “Love ya baby❤️”.


Jaz has spoken all about his experiences with his family whilst he’s been on the show. He’s currently in a long-term relationship with his fiancée Harneet Kaurl and it was her parents who encouraged Jaz to apply for the Traitors.

Jaz proposed to Harneet in 2021 on a rooftop terrace and with a massive sparkler.


Zack, who was another faithful to be murdered this week has a girlfriend called Carrie Brindle. Another couple to keep their relationship fairly private, the two seemed to have met at university as they both went to The University of Leeds.


A banished traitor, Miles is married to Pip Astéri and they currently have two children together.


Everyone’s queen Diane is married and they obviously have children together, one of them being fellow contestant Ross. She recently revealed that she kept her application secret from her husband who only found out when her audition tape played through the speaker in the car.

The rest of the cast are either very private and secretive with their relationships or are currently single.

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