The 1975 shagging

Um, people got caught having tent sex in The 1975 queue, and now my eyes hurt

Someone listened to their song ‘Sex’ a little too hard

Um guys, people have been shagging in their tent camping for The 1975 at the O2 Arena and I’m deeply upset by this information.

The 1975 are currently finishing up their UK tour and fans have been causing carnage everywhere after camping out for days outside the arena just to get to the front at the shows. Fans have been electing themselves “line leaders” and taking charge of the queues. The whole was met by insane amounts of backlash online.

But now some fans have taken it one step further and listened to their song Sex a little too hard. A video posted on X shows people inside a tent outside the arena for last night’s final UK tour date with the tent… shaking an awful lot.

You can see other campers watching and laughing in the background. The video is captioned: “Knock on the grey tent for the best night of your life.” Someone said the shaking tent is giving Sims woohoo and it’s too true I’m crying.

Another The 1975 fan also tweeted: “Who tf is shagging in a 1975 queue tent are you insane”. The tweet has over a thousand likes and people are NOT happy in the replies. But genuinely, they are literally out on the STREETS on the concrete. Stop this right now.

One person said: “Shagging in a tent whilst queuing for The 1975 actually regains your virginity” and I’m crying.

Another person added: “Most of that line are 15 by the way. should be locked up for this genuinely.”

The 1975 fans have already been criticised for camping outside the venue when the same privilege would not be given to homeless people who have no choice about sleeping rough. Speaking about the camping drama, one person said: “Genuinely why can’t something be done about this, if a homeless person set up shop in a tent outside the O2 they wouldn’t been see the hour out before they were forced to move on so why is this any different?”

What’s your betting that Matty Healy is lapping all this up and trying to make it all edgy 2012 Tumblr vibes to write a song about it as we speak?

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