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Russell Group nights out

Cheers! These are the Russell Group universities where students spend the most on nights out

Finally a league table Oxford isn’t at the top of

Every student at every uni likes to think that they go out the most, go the hardest on a night out and the downside of all this, spend the most money on nights out.

But how much do students at each Russell Group uni actually spend on nights out? And will this finally be one league table that Oxford and Cambridge aren’t topping? Well, thanks to the NatWest Student Living Index, we can actually find out.

In a surprise to absolutely no one, University of York students spend the least money on nights out with only an average of £16.48 a month. Probably because they’re all too busy mourning a dead duck or taking part in some battle reenactment to go on a night out. York is closely followed by the University of Cambridge where students will be now crying over finally not being the best at something. Cambridge students spend an average of £24.29 on nights out per month.

But topping the sesh heads ranking is the University of Glasgow where students spend an average of £56.30 on nights out per month. The University of Manchester, which was recently found to be the druggiest UK university in The Tab’s Drug and Vaping survey, is second with an average monthly night out spend of £45.61.

So these are the Russell Group Universities that spend the most money on nights out, in 2024:

15. University of York – £16.48 per month

14. University of Cambridge – £24.29 per month

13. University of Edinburgh – £30.76 per month

12. University of Birmingham – £31.40 per month

11. University of Nottingham – £31.75 per month

10. University of Sheffield – £34.25 per month

9. University of Oxford – £35.09 per month

8. University of Bristol – £35.70 per month

7. University of Leeds – £36.12 per month

6.  Newcastle University – £36.28 per month

5. London Universities (UCL, LSE, Imperial, QMUL) – £39.57 per month

4. University of Liverpool – £43.82 per month

3. Cardiff University – £45.02 per month

2. University of Manchester – £45.61 per month

1. University of Glasgow – £56.30 per month

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