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Ka-ching! These are the degrees you need to study to earn the highest grad salary in 2023

Sacrificing any self worth I have and switching to a Computer Science degree

There’s a lot of thought that goes into picking a degree course. Will I enjoy it? How many hours of teaching will I have? Will it sound cool on my LinkedIn profile? And, most importantly, how much money will it actually make me?

It’s no secret that some degrees tend to earn a lot more than others (sorry to everyone who studies English). But what degree should you actually study if you want to be rich rich straight out of uni?

Student accommodation and letting company, Fresh, has compiled a report of the degrees that you need to study for the highest grad salary. The report analysed search data, average salaries, and graduation times for each degree.

So here are the degrees you need to study if you want to make bank after graduating

9. Social Sciences

At the bottom of the list but still with a very impressive graduate salary is Social Sciences. Social Sciences include courses such as Sociology, Anthropology and Economics and studying these courses can secure you a cheeky £34,000 average starting salary. An example job for a Social Sciences grad is a HR Executive.

8. Language and Area studies

Next up is studying languages. Studying any degree in Modern Languages can get you an average graduate salary of £35,000.

The report says: “Graduates in language and area studies can pursue careers as language teachers, interpreters, translators, and international relations specialists or work in multinational corporations that require language proficiency and intercultural communication skills.”

7. Dentistry

Of course Dentistry had to make the list. You might have to study for a minimum of five years to get there but after gradating, students who study Dentistry can expect an average salary of £36,000.

6. Geography, Earth and Environmental Studies

Doing a degree such as Bachelor of Earth Science and going on to secure a grad job as a Geographic Analyst will secure you an average starting salary of £36,000 a year.

The report says: “Graduates with a geography, Earth, and environmental studies background can work in fields like environmental consulting, urban planning, and geospatial analysis; or they can find a career in research organisations focused on sustainability and climate change.”

5. Engineering and Technology

At number five is Engineering. Although often a Masters degree is needed to get a grad job in Engineering, an average salary would be £36,000 straight after graduating.

There are lots of sectors that Engineering grads can go into including Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering.

4. Mathematical sciences

Studying maths, although sounds incredibly boring, will make you the fourth highest grad salary in the UK. In a job such as Data Scientist, you can earn an average of £37,000 after graduating.

“Graduates with expertise in mathematical sciences are in demand across various industries, including finance, technology, engineering, and healthcare,” the report says.

3. Combined and General Studies

Graduating students

In probably the most suprising one on the list, apparently General Studies (also known as Liberal Arts) it can make you an average starting salary of £37,000. Changing my degree right now! An example job from Combined and General Studies would be an Admin Assistant.

The report said: “Studying a broad range of subjects can be a wise choice, as it provides you with a versatile skill set valued by employers.” Universities such as Nottingham, St Andrews and Loughborough all offer General Studies/Liberal Arts courses.

2. Physical Sciences

Physical science courses such as Physics will earn the second highest salary straight out of uni. With roles such as a Data Analyst, Aerospace Engineer or Research Scientist, students who study physical sciences earn an average graduate salary of £39,000.

1. Computing

And finally, if you study computing you’re in luck because the report found that computing courses such as Computer Science make the highest salary straight out of uni. The average starting salary in a job such as a software engineer is £43,000.

You might not get a shag at uni but at least you’ll be rich when you leave!

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