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Bake Off followers

These are the Bake Off contestants who have gained the most Instagram followers so far

I would literally die for Saku

Bake Off is officially over the halfway point and I’m not ready for the wholesomeness to be over just yet. But the show’s not really about the skill of the bakers. Obviously, they’re insane but whilst we first start watching for the baking, we stay for the personalities and as always there are some iconic ones this year. I think I just want to be as cool as Tasha and I want Saku to adopt me.

But the question is: Is their popularity reflected in their social media accounts? In other words, please tell me someone is as absolutely obsessed with Saku as I am.

Here is how much the Bake Off contestants’ Insta following has increased since the start of the show:

12. Keith (+1.3k)

With the least amount of followers overall and the smallest increase, Keith started out with 487 followers before the show and now was 1,837. This gives him an increase of 1.3k.

11. Amos (+1.9k)

Amos was sadly the first person to leave the competition. With 2,652 followers now he has increased 1,913 from the 739 he started out with before the show.

10. Dana (+2.2k)

Dana is a 25-year-old database administrator from Essex and her Insta is full of night-out pics as well as lots of her bakes. Before Bake Off aired she had 997 followers but now has 2,271.

9. Cristy (2.7k)

Cristy got star baker in pastry week last week for the first time. Before starting the show she had 1,633 followers and now has 4,341 meaning she has increased her following by just over 2.7k.

8. Josh (+3k)

Josh had 682 Insta followers before the first episode aired. Now he has 3,714 giving him an extra 3k followers. He is a 27-year-old PhD student at Leicester and is always baking for his rugby team. Wholesome.

7. Dan (+3.3k)

Dan started the competition with 944 Insta followers and now has 4,306 giving him an increase of 3,362. He was this year’s first star baker.

6. Nicky (+4k)

Nicky started the show with only 549 followers but now has 4,584 giving her an increase of 4,035. She sadly left the competition alongside Rowan last week. Still obsessed with her beaver from the very first episode, though.

5. Abbi (+4.1k)

Cottage-core gal Abbi started off the competition at 759 followers and, despite leaving the competition a couple of weeks ago, now has 4,126. She is 27 and brought originality to the tent with her foraging for a lot of her ingredients.

4. Saku (+5.4k)

I adore this woman and need to go round to her house for tea immediately please. Before starting Bake Off, this gem only had 914 followers but now has 6,552 giving her an increase of over 5.4k.

3. Rowan (+6.5k)

York grad Rowan sadly left the competition last week. But before the first episode aired he had 1,042 followers and now has 7.5k giving him the third biggest increase of all the bakers.

2. Matty (+8.6k)

With the second biggest increase, Matty went from having 1,842 Insta followers before the show to 10.5k now. He is a 28-year-old PE and science teacher and people are a bit obsessed with him.

1. Tasha (+15.3k)

Our absolute queen Tasha has had the biggest increase in followers out of all the Bake Off contestants. Before the first episode aired she had 1,542 followers and now has 16.9k.

The 27-year old is the competition’s first ever deaf contestant and is the only baker so far to win star baker twice in a row. Queen.

The Great British Bake Off continues tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm. You can stream all episodes here.

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