Worst Russell Group lecturers

Uh oh! These are officially the Russell Group universities with the worst lecturers

Awks that Oxford and Cambridge are up there

Every single uni ranking out there ranks each university on teaching quality, but you always wonder, where do they actually get that info from? After the seventh time emailing your lecturer with perfect grammar only to receive an “Ok. Sent from my iPhone” three weeks too late you might start to wonder whether your uni’s top spot for teaching quality might not be as true as you thought.

Well, College Rover has worked out the UK universities with the worst and best lecturers according to students by analysing data from Rate My Professor. The study looked at 79,000 professors at over 2,100 universities in the UK and the US to work out which ones have the best and worst lecturers.

Generally, students rate their lecturers in the UK much lower than students in the US, with an average rating of 2.1 out of five.

So these are officially the Russell Group universities with the worst lecturers, according to students:

10. University of Oxford

Oh dear, Oxford is consistently one of the best universities in the world but, according to students, its lecturers don’t live up to the hype. Oxford lecturers have an average student rating of 2.2 out of five. Biology lecturers are also the second worst in the entire UK with a student score of 0.8.

9. University of Bristol

The University of Bristol has the ninth worst lecturers out of all Russell Group unis. With an average Rate My Professor score of 2.2, Bristol is also the third-worst in the entire country for philosophy lecturers who only get a score of 1.7 out of five.

8. Queen’s University Belfast

Lecturers at Queen’s University Belfast get an average rating of 2.1 out of five. It also has the worst lecturers for maths out of all universities studied, with students only rating Queen’s maths professors 0.5 out of five.

7. University of Southampton

With the seventh-worst lecturers out of all the Russell Group, Southampton student rated their lecturers an average of two out of five.

6. University of Cambridge

Worst Russell Group lecturers

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It’s not looking good for Cambridge. Consistently named as one of the best unis in the world, it has the sixth worst lecturers, according to students. With an average score of 1.9 out of five, Cambridge also has the worst English lecturers and second worst history lecturers in the UK with ratings of 0.6 and 0.7 out of five.

5. University of Exeter

At Exeter, lecturers are rated 1.8 out of five on average. Exeter does have the best lecturers for economics in the UK though according to students. Economics lecturers have an average rating of 4.5 out of five.

4. Imperial College London

Lecturers at Imperial are rated an average of 1.7 out of five by students making them the third-worst lecturers out of all the Russell Group. Imperial also has the second-worst chemistry lecturers with a ranking of 1.7.

3. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow has the third worst lecturers out of the Russell Group, according to students. The average rating for Glasgow lecturers is 1.6 out of five. It is also the worst in the entire UK for business lecturers who score an average of 0.6 out of five.

2. University of York

With an average lecturer rating of 1.5 out of five, The University of York has the second worst rated lecturers out of all Russell Group Unis. York also has the worst economics lecturers in the UK with an average rating of 0.9.

1. University of Birmingham

Yikes, The University of Birmingham officially has some of the worst lecturers in the UK with the average student rating at 1.2 out of five. Birmingham is also the worst in the entire UK for biology with students rating their lecturers 0.7 out of five, second worst for engineering also at 0.7, but third-best in the country for music lecturers with an average score of three.

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