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Harry Styles Glen Coco

Omg, Harry Styles was nearly cast as Glen Coco in the new Mean Girls movie, says director

We really missed out on the cameo of the century

So in probably the biggest robbery of the 21st Century, the directors of Mean Girls The Musical film have revealed they originally wanted Harry Styles to play Glen Coco in the movie.

This literally could have been the most iconic cameo in the world and I am devastated it didn’t end up happening.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Mean Girls directors Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr. talked about the casting process for the iconic yet minor role. They said: “Could we ask, like Harry Styles? We were like Harry Styles could be Glen Coco!” “FOUR for you, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco”

Glen Coco is just a student at North Shore High in the film and only has one small but iconic scene. In the original Mean Girls movie, Damian dresses up as Father Christmas and delivers candy cane grams to students. The scene is supposed to further the storyline of Cady trying to take down Regina but the line “FOUR for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco” ended up being the most memorable line that’s still quoted 20 years later.

So when asked what they decided to keep in from the original film, the directors said: “There’s certain comedy that flew and was funny 20 years ago, that just doesn’t fly today. We all knew that. But there are certain iconic lines where we would joke that there would be riots in the streets if it wasn’t in there. Like “You go, Glen Coco!”‘ Give the people what they want. Give me what I want! But when we were like, “Who’s Glen Coco?”

“‘Who can it be?’ I remember us going, could we ask, like Harry Styles? We were like Harry Styles could be Glen Coco! Then we were like, hold on, we love to break the fourth wall. What if we are all Glen Coco? So, after 20 years, we can all feel like Glen Coco.”

Okay so, Harry Styles’ acting might be kinda terrible sometimes but there’s no way he could have messed up playing Glen Coco given the guy doesn’t actually speak. All he needs to do is look pretty enough to receive a whole four candy canes.

I fear I will never recover from what might have been.

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