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Stop itching for a second and enjoy these memes about the current bed bug hell

Apparently, the UK could be heading towards a huge bed bug invasion

So, Paris is currently overrun with bed bugs and it truly looks like hell.

With TikTok literally crawling with videos of people sharing their bed bug experiences, the tiny blood-sucking horrors are swarming the Paris Metro, airports, hotels and cinemas across the city. So much so that Paris’ deputy mayor actually warned people that “no one is safe” with the infestation and demanded urgent action to tackle the chaos before next year’s Olympics.

But with London just over two hours from Paris on the Eurostar, people in the UK are freaking out that the bed bugs are coming to get us next.

Bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of and, according to people who have had them, can really ruin people’s lives. They normally live from four to six months meaning they can vary easily survive the journey over to the UK clung onto people’s luggage and clothes. And now all the  fashion girlies will be heading back from Paris

Bed bug experts say that although the UK already has a number of bed bugs, numbers could increase “without a shadow of a doubt” because of the Paris outbreak. “I have known people go on day trips to Paris not even staying in hotels or other high-risk activities and come back with them. Paris has been a popular link for the last six years,” David Cain, founder of Bed Bugs LTD said.

So, stop your itching and enjoy the most hilarious memes about the current bed bug infestation:


They just wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa!

I am truly in hell


Suddenly I’m itchy all over


Putting myself on house arrest


#fyp #foryou #london #paris #bedbugs

♬ Yae Miko – Bayanaka


Sorry but, why do bed bugs have people sticking up for them?


You’re welcome x

Not the sun lounger and Pina Coladas

Think we just need to listen to Ellie in these trying times

Big slay from the bed bugs really isn’t it


Carrie Bradshaw started the bed bug infestation, pass it on

Stop saying they’re in the UK I need peace


i am absolutely TERRIFIED, pls tell me i am not the only one who is paranoid & anxious about this entire situation?? #london #londonunderground #tube #historyoflondon #fyp

♬ original sound – itsforfunokkkk

They’re truly flourishing right now


Bring back lockdown

Bed bugs slowly becoming everyone’s Roman Empire


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