ChatGPT update

Omg, ChatGPT can now give you up to date answers and is no longer limited to info from 2021

Uni lecturers are quaking right now

In a massive win for students who leave their essays to the last minute, ChatGPT can now provide real-time and up to date answers and is no longer limited to information from 2021.

Previously, ChatGPT had a September 2021 cut-off-point, meaning that any information it provided was often inaccurate and out of date.

The update also now gives you direct links to sources for its information. Previously students have run into trouble for the lack of sources that ChatGPT provides.

In a tweet yesterday, OpenAI, the company that operates ChatGPT, said: “ChatGPT can now browse the internet to provide you with current and authoritative information, complete with direct links to sources. It is no longer limited to data before September 2021.”

ChatGPT will use the Bing search engine to process questions and produce a real-time answer. It has definitely lost points for the choice of Bing over Google though, I have to say.

For students using AI for essays and exams, this is a huge bonus and will make it much harder to detect usage.

Students have been caught out for using ChatGPT since the information was cut off at 2021 and couldn’t provide accurate sources and references, often making them up or picking bizarre references.

At The University of Bolton, a student was caught out for using ChatGPT in an essay which cited a wizarding leadership book and dissertation from 1952.

The real-time update is only currently for ChatGPT Plus users but OpenAI said it will be expanding to all users very soon. ChatGPT Plus is $20 a month, working at just over £16 a month.

And coming for Siri’s job, ChatGPT has also just introduced a new voice-feature in the update. In another tweet, OpenAI said ChatGPT can now “see, hear and speak”. This is kinda terrifying I’m not going to lie.


The voice feature means you can verbally ask questions to ChatGPT and it can speak back to you, rather than just typing.

It can apparently also narrate bedtime stories, settle arguments and speak out loud text input from users. Brb gonna get ChatGPT to settle the argument over the cleaning rota in my uni flat.

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