Diane The Traitors Cameo

One of The Traitors contestants has already set up a Cameo and of course, it’s queen Diane

Brb gonna ask what her favourite brand of fizzy rosé is

It’s been three days since The Traitors UK season two ended and one of the contestants has already set up a Cameo account. Contain your excitement because it is none other than queen Diane.

She was everyone’s favourite contestant and sparked a period of national mourning when she was murdered by the traitors on the show. But now back from the grave, you can get your very own birthday wish, a Valentine’s message or even a roast from Diane on Cameo.

Posting on Instagram, she said: “Seriously… God help us all.🤣 I’m now on Cameo. Link in my bio above. D x”

A video from ar Di will set you back £35 and you can choose from a birthday wish, a Valentine’s Day message, a pep talk, a roast, some advice or ask her a question. Cannot WAIT for her to send a birthday message with “Ross’ birthday isn’t today but YOURS is.”

And if you’ve forgotten a birthday last minute, Diane will get the video back to you within 24 hours. Speedy legend.

Her profile reads: “I’m Diane from The Traitors UK, and I appeared in series two with the best-kept secret of all time! Namely, ‘Paul isn’t my son… but Ross is’.”

In her demo video she says: “Hi, I’m Diane from The Traitors but you knew that because you clicked on my link. Anyway I’ve been told I should get onto Cameo. Not quite sure what that is, but here I am” before doing a sneaky wink at the camera.

In her very first cameo, she reveals her favourite film is Elf. She says: “Hi Emily, it’s Diane. I have to say you’re my very first Cameo ever so hopefully it won’t sound too weird. Anyway, my favourite movie is Elf, laugh myself silly, watch it every Christmas. But my actual favourite genre is fantasy adventure so Avatar, I loved E.T. actually! Anything like that, brilliant. So, Emily is not doing a Cameo, but Diane is.”

The top comment on her Instagram post announcing the move says: “And just like that she out-earned Harry’s prize money in like 0.635 seconds” and honestly, get that bag.

Posting on Instagram, Diane’s son Ross joked: “Ohhh Mum’s on Cameo! Me and my siblings are banking on this as an inheritance fund for when we kill her off for real so please donate!”

Finalist Mollie who was beaten to the money at the last second after she was betrayed by traitor Harry commented: “Love thissssss queen❤️”.

In another example video posted to her page, she says: “Hi George it’s Diane from The Traitors and I have a message from a secret admirer. Now this admirer is faithful, partial to a fizzy rosé (cheers!) and loves you very much. She wishes you a really happy Valentine’s Day. And you never know, George you might be at a Sunday roast at Diane’s house sometime.”

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