Suella Braverman stood on dog

Um, Suella Braverman stood on a guide dog so here are the best memes about Suella de Vil

Not her issuing an apology to all dogs

So, Home Secretary Suella Braverman has stood on a dog at the Tory party conference and people are freaking out about it.

Yesterday, someone tweeted a picture of the Home Secretary at a Guide Dogs charity stand with the caption: “Not to be all insane moments in British politics, but here’s Suella Braverman standing on a dog.”

The tweet has since gone viral and people are absolutely losing their minds. But in case you haven’t had the pleasure (or misfortune, I guess) of seeing it, here it is in all its glory:

So here are 14 memes about the Tories’ very own Suella de Vil:

Suella de Vil is just too much of a coincidence

I think we might have a dog revolution on our hands


Honestly, I rate it. Vive la revolution!

And she’s in heels!


The Tories’ PR team absolutely losing it right now

His poor mate looking on in horror

Crying at her issuing an apology to all dogs

So apparently Suella wasn’t aware of standing on the dog until she was told about it after. At a speech in the conference she actually apologised and I’m weeping: “I was unaware until a few minutes ago – I don’t think any dogs were harmed in the filming of my visit but let me just issue for the record an apology to all dogs out there.”

Here she is being shown the picture and laughing

Not this woman laughing! Justice for the dog x

She really took this whole XL Bully thing to a new level didn’t she

I’m sorry to be putting you all through seeing this gif to be honest

This whole thing feels so dystopian


Pass it on!

Poor lil guy


Someone was removed from the conference after heckling Suella Braverman during one of her speeches and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was another dog in solidarity.

I am watching her wardrobe SO closely right now


Someone from the Guide Dogs charity actually addressed it

Alex Clark, who works for the Guide Dogs charity said: “The last think I expected was for our conference stand to go viral! But I’m very happy to confirm no dogs were harmed and Inca had a great time.”

Sounds like something Suella would say to be honest x

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