Teresa Smith, known as Queeziel0cthevoice for singing on TikTok, has died

She was known for her ‘although enjoyment’ Billie Eilish covers on TikTok

Teresa Smith, also known as Queeziel0cthevoice on TikTok has sadly passed away.

Teresa was known for her covers of Billie Eilish’s What Was I Made For where she sang “although enjoyment” on TikTok as well as her colourful hair and catchphrase “Be who you are for pride”.

Yolundria Rooks, Teresa’s daughter shared the sad news on a GoFundMe page. She said: “Hi everyone my name is Yolundria Rooks, The eldest daugher of Mrs Teresa Smith. It is with a heavy heart to announce that my mother The Icon, The Diva, Miss Teresa Smith also known as”Queezielocthevoice” has suddenly passed away. Teresa has been loved by millions of family, friends and followers.”


#duet with @Emma White #whatwasimadefor #gimmethemic #queenzzielocthevoice

♬ original sound – Emma White

The Queeziel0cthevoice TikTok account‘s bio has been changed to “In Loving Great Memory of The Queenzziel0cthevoice” with a link to the GoFundMe page which is currently at over $3,000 of the $15,000 target.

Teresa’s family is asking for donations to cover travel expenses and funeral costs for her to be buried in Georgia with her son Josiah Smith who passed away when he was 15 years old.


Yolundria, Teresa’s daughter, added: “I, as the eldest child will now be taking on full responsibility of all my younger siblings so anything that is donated beyond the funeral cost and expenses will be invested in them, their needs, and their future. Please keep me and my family in prayers during this time of mourning more than anything. As I have to prepare and get ready to send my Queen home, I just want to thank all those who loved my mom and all of her followers for supporting her. Love you all God Bless!”

Comments on Teresa’s most recent video include: “Rest in peace beautiful angel thank you for all the laughs” and “Rest in peace queen you will be missed!!”

You can donate to Teresa’s GoFundMe Page here.

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