These cute Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod off-screen moments prove they’re besties in real life

They both have nicknames for each other

The whole world has been obsessed with Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod since they both broke our hearts in One Day. The whole show has totally ruined everyone and completely redeemed Anne Hathaway’s terrible Leeds accent in the 2011 film.

There are a load of adorable behind-the-scenes pictures from the set of the two of them as well as lots of production secrets, but here are all of real-life Em and Dex, Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall’s cutest off-screen moments that prove they’re actually besties in real life.

They have nicknames for each other


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Their nicknames in the show might be Dex and Em but in real life, Ambika calls Leo Leonard and he calls her Ambo.  She also says it’s only really Leo who calls her that. Adorable.

THIS whole moment

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Genuinely don’t think I’ll ever recover from this photo I’m not gonna lie. Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall recreated the poster for One Day at a private screening of the show and I’m fully obsessed.

They bonded over Lord of the Rings

When Leo and Ambika first met each other and were preparing to start filming, they said one of the things they first bonded over was Lord of the Rings. In an interview with Hits Radio, Leo said: “We realised we were both big Lord of the Rings fans, so that was an instant bonding moment. We just kinda want the songs from the Shire throughout the entire eight months we were filming.”

Their little train picnic

Check them out on the LNER first class! Mildly judging that our boy Leo has his dogs out though.

They both have the same favourite swear word

Whilst doing the BFF test interview, one of the questions was each other’s favourite swear word and they both replied “fuck”. Leo said: “It’s just an unbeatable word, man” and Ambika added: “Can’t really go wrong.”

Leo thinks Ambika would be good on The Traitors


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Both Ambika and Leo said they are big fans of The Traitors and Ambika said she would rather be a traitor than a faithful. Agreeing, Leo said: “I think you would be a good traitor. You’re smart and you’re decisive and you’ve got a good poker face and you’re a killer.”

They had a singalong at the top of Arthur’s Seat

One Day book differences

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When filming the scenes at the top of Arthur’s Seat, Ambika said they had a singalong at the top while they were still getting to know each other. She told British Vogue: “The second shoot, we went to Arthur’s Seat, which was my favourite day on set because it was so gorgeous up there. Leo and I were still getting to know each other, and we sat on the seat and sang School of Rock. I’d watched [the film] the night before and Leo was a massive fan. He literally knew all the words, all of Jack Black’s little asides and everything. It was very funny.”

They travelled together and had adjoining rooms

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Ambika said: “We all travelled a lot together. We stayed in the same hotels. So we’ve become really close in the whole cast and crew.” But in Paros, Greece Leo and Ambika had adjoining rooms and she could hear him watching Game of Thrones through the wall and went and joined him. She’s living the dream for real.

Ambika said Leo helped her through ‘struggles’ on set

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Speaking about adjusting to the role, Ambika said: “I just remember, especially at the beginning of the shoot, it was quite overwhelming and it was a massive responsibility. Not only the size of the roles and the size of the project, but also because the book and the characters are so beloved and we definitely felt that.”

She added: “We were both really open when we were struggling when we didn’t feel like things were right. Maybe I was more vocal about it than him, but I would come out of every scene just being like, ‘oh, I’m a fucking shit actor, I should fucking quit right now, I hate myself.’ And he was always very supportive to me in that, and I hope vice versa.”

“It was good to have someone like that because as an actor you might not always have that.”

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